Kuala Lumpur Parit Buntar Train Schedule (ETS)
KTM  Schedule (Jadual) Fares

Information on the Kuala Lumpur Parit Buntar train services that travel between Kuala Lumpur's KL Sentral Railway Station and Parit Buntar in the state of Perak in Malaysia.

From the 19th May 2016 and the start of the new KTMB timetable, all Intercity Express Trains on this route are now cancelled and the only long distance trains running on this route are now the high-speed Electric Train Services (ETS).

These trains are much faster than the old diesel ones, making the journey so much quicker and smoother.

ETS Trains from KL Sentral to Parit Buntar


New ETS Timetable valid from 18th December 2017 in to 2018.

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New KL to Parit Buntar ETS Timetable valid from 18th December 2017:

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Train Number Departs KL Sentral Arrives Parit Buntar Operating Days
EP 9102 09:00 12:37 All
EG 9420 09:44 13:20 All
EP 9104 11:00 14:37 All
EP 9106 15:35 19:12 All
EG 9322 17:14 21:04 All
EG 9422 18:17 22:11 All
EG 9122 20:10 23:56 All
EG 9124 22:45 02:33 All
EG 9424 23:27 03:10 All

EG numbered trains are ETS Gold Services.

EP numbered trains are ETS Platinum Services.

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Prices are the same as tickets purchased from the station!

All services operate daily.

Kuala Lumpur Parit Buntar Train Fares

Ticket Prices vary depending on the type of ETS Train.

There are two types of train service on this route:

ETS Gold Services are slightly slower, with more stops all the route.

They cost :

Adult : 55 MYR - Child : 32 MYR

ETS Platinum Services are the quickest services with the least amount of stops.

They cost :

Adult : 73 MYR - Child : 41 MYR

Buying Tickets

You can buy your train tickets from any mainline KTMB railway station ticketing counter.

Advance purchase periods vary quite considerably at the moment as KTM change the timetables quite frequently, so sometimes tickets are only available a few weeks in advance, sometimes a couple of months in advance.

You can also book your train tickets from KL to Parit Buntar online, saving you the time and expense and hassle of travelling to the station.

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