KTM Singapore Train Timetable
for Intercity Services to Malaysia

Below you will find the departure times for all the Intercity Train Services from Singapore to Malaysia.

There are two railway lines in Peninsular Malaysia and Woodlands Railway Station in Singapore is most southern point of the tracks.

The North & South railway line travels from Singapore along the whole length of the Eastern side of Malaysia, eventually crossing  over the border with Thailand at Padang Besar Station, where the State Railways of Thailand railway line continues through Southern Thailand up to Bangkok.

Please Note : From 1st July 2015, all KTM Trains will terminate at JB Sentral Station in Johor Bahru.

A new Shuttle Train Service will start from this date, operating many times a day between Johor Bahru and Singapore in each direction.

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The East & South Line (also known as the Jungle Railway Line) branches off from the N/S Line at Gemas and travels through the central mountains and jungles of Peninsular Malaysia, eventually crossing over to the East coast close to Kota Bharu, then terminating at Tumpat close to the border with Thailand.

Please note : the Malaysian railway line does not actually join with the railway line in Thailand. You have to disembark at Pasir Mas and catch a bus or taxi to the border.

Just after crossing in to Thailand, there is the Sungai Kolok railway station, with services to Bangkok via Hat Yai.

Singapore Train Timetable / Schedule

The North & South Line

These Intercity long distance trains are cancelled from 19th May 2016.

From this date, you will have to catch a Shuttle Train from JB Sentral to Gemas where the new electrified dual track starts.

From Gemas you can catch the new high-speed ETS Trains, all the way to the Thai border at Padang Besar.

Train Number/Name Departure Time Destination
2 Ekspres Rakyat **.** Butterworth
20 Express Peninsular **.** Hat Yai
24 Senandung Sutera **.** Kuala Lumpur

Days of operation : Daily

To see a full schedule of the above services click on a train number below.

Train 2

Train 20

Train 24

The East & South Line (The Jungle Railway)

Departure Times shown from JB Sentral.

Train Number/Name Departure Time Destination
26 Senandung Timuran 19.00 Tumpat

Days of operation : Daily

Due to maintenance on the East - South line there are now no departures during the daytime along parts of the Jungle Railway.

To see the full schedule of these service visit our Jungle Railway Timetable page.

Train Fares

For train fares from Singapore, please visit our Singapore trains page where you will find ticket prices to the most popular destinations.

You may or may not be aware of a strange price difference (due to historical reasons) for train tickets bought in or picked up in Singapore, compared to what you pay for them in Malaysia.

Basically, tickets in Singapore have to be paid for in Singapore Dollars at the same rates as they are in Malaysian Ringgit.

This was fine many years ago when the currencies had a more equal exchange rate.  However, these days the Singapore Dollar is worth over two and a half times the Malaysian Ringgit.  

This means that train tickets from Singapore cost two and a half times more than they do from the nearby Johor Bahru railway station (JB Sentral)  just over the border from Woodlands station.

So if you want to save yourself money, get a bus to JB Sentral to catch your train!

To see times and fares from JB Sental click here>>>

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Buying Tickets

Tickets for any of these services can be purchased at Woodlands station. If you are travelling long distances or want to take a sleeping berth, it is always best to book your train tickets as far in advance as possible, as during busy periods of the year and public holidays, seats and especially sleeping berths can be fully booked.

To make an advance booking you can visit any main train station or you can book all the express train services online directly from the Malaysian Railways website.

If you want to check for seats / beds available for Express services for today or the next six days you can check online at the KTM website.

Click here for more details and a link directly to the seat availability page>>>

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