Train 174 Surat Thani to Bangkok Ticket Prices

Train 174 from Surat Thani to Bangkok is one of the cheap, Rapid sleeper services that departs in the afternoon, travelling overnight and arriving in the capital in the early hours of the morning.

Train 174 from Surat Thani to Bangkok Fares / Ticket Prices

3rd class fan cooled carriage - seat:

Adult Fare: 217 Baht

Child Fare: 164 Baht

2nd class fan cooled carriage - seat:

Adult Fare: 358 Baht

Child Fare: 234 Baht

Second class Day & Night fan cooled carriages:

Adult Fare:
Upper Berth: 488 Baht
Lower Berth: 558 Baht

Child Fare:
Upper Berth: 364 Baht
Lower Berth: 434 Baht

Second class Day & Night air-conditioned carriages:

Adult Fare:
Upper Berth: 658 Baht
Lower Berth: 728 Baht

Child Fare:
Upper Berth: 534 Baht
Lower Berth: 604 Baht

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Other popular ways to get from Surat Thani to Bangkok:

If you are coming from the Islands around Koh Samui, it is actually quicker to travel by ferry, then take a bus directly from the ports to Bangkok.

This saves you time as the train station is located to the south, so you are actually making your journey longer if you travel by train.

You can book combination ferry and bus tickets from Samui to Bangkok here >

Taking a flight from URT (Surat Thani Airport) is also another possibility, with regular flights to Bangkok' - Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) or Don Muang Airport (DMK).

Flight duration is just over an hour and tickets can be bought cheaply if you book well in advance (it is much cheaper to fly from here than it is from Samui Airport).

To find cheap flights to Bangkok from Surat Thani click here >

Seats / Berths on Train number 174

With a range of seating and sleeping options, these Rapid trains are popular for budget travellers.

3rd class seating is okay for short trips, but on this overnight journey we would not recommend them unless you are on a really tight budget.

The carriages are often crowded and noisy, so getting any sleep is quite difficult.

3rd class seats3rd class seats

2nd class seats are more comfortable (as they recline) and the carriages are a little less crowded than in 3rd class.

2nd class seats2nd class seats

If you want to sleep, the 2nd class berths are easily the best way to travel.

This service has both fan cooled and air-conditioned coaches, so you have a choice (the air-conditioning is often too cold for some people).

If you book in advance, you are usually able to get the more comfortable lower berths (which are much wider then the upper berths) and sell out quite quickly.

2nd class berths / beds2nd class berths / beds
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Booking Tickets for Train 174 Surat Thani to Bangkok

Advance booking is recommended for all classes except 3rd class where you can usually get a seat on the day of travel.

To book your advance train tickets in Thailand you can:

1) Visit any State Railway of Thailand train station and buy your tickets in person (you can buy tickets for any route from any station).

2) Pay a little more to book tickets online >

Arriving in Bangkok

This service terminates at Hua Lamphong station >

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For accommodation nearby:

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