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On this page you will find information, timetables and ticket prices for the train between Hat Yai and Butterworth, for travel by train between Thailand and Penang Island.

Now that the International Express Train (operated by Thai Railways - SRT) is terminating at Padang Besar Railway Station on the Thailand - Malaysia border, there is currently no direct train from Penang to Hat Yai.

This means that you will now have to first take a train to the border station of Padang Besar, then connect to various services in either direction from there.

Train from Hat Yai to Butterworth

Catching the train from Thailand to Butterworth is now actually quicker than it used to be.

To get from Hat Yai to Penang by train, you can take the following route:

First take one of the cheap Shuttle Train services that operate between Hat Yai Junction station and the border station at Padang Besar (just across the borber in Malaysia).

Click here for the latest timetables for the Shuttle Trains from Hat Yai to Padang Besar >

Once at Padang Besar, you will have to go though all the immigration procedures and get your passport stamped out of Thailand and into Malaysia.

From here you can then take one of the cheap KTM Komuter Trains (commuter).

Click here for the latest Komuter Timetable from Padang Besar to Butterworth, Penang >

The slightly faster ETS Trains that used to run from Padang Besar to Butterworth have now been cancelled (from 1st February 2017) and all ETS services leaving PB for KL, no longer take the branch line to Butterworth.

Once at the border, you can also choose to travel on other ETS services that can connect you to Kuala Lumpur or all the way down to Singapore (via Gemas and JB).

To see the latest ETS Train timetable from the border click here  >

Bus and Train from Hat Yai to Butterworth Penang

Another alternative is to take a bus or minibus to the border from Hat Yai.

It is quite easy and cheap to get from Hat Yai to the border, as the are regular cheap buses that leave from the clock tower close to Hat Yai city centre, or minibuses that leave from Hat Yai bus station.

The buses cost 44 Baht and minibuses 50 Baht.

Get off at the border control and once you are in Malaysia, the train station is just to your right (over a pedestrian bridge).

You can then take the train to Butterworth.

Train from Butterworth to Hat Yai

To travel by train from Butterworth to Hat Yai, you will now have to take a Komuter Train to the border at Padang Besar.

Once at the border, you can connect to the International Express to Hat Yai, take a Shuttle Train or take a local bus.

For the Shuttle Train Timetables to Hat Yai click here >

See our Padang Besar Station page for more information about the bus >

Ticket Prices for the Train Hat Yai Butterworth

Tickets for these train services cost:

International Express between Hat Yai and Padang Besar: 272 THB (best avoided as very expensive for this short sector).

Shuttle Trains between Hat Yai and Padang Besar: 50 THB

Komuter Trains between Padang Besar and Butterworth: 11.40 MYR

Alternative Ways to Travel Between Hat Yai and Penang

There are regular minibuses that operate on this route from Penang to Hat Yai and vice versa.

There are about 4 to 5 departure times a day in either direction.

For the latest departure times and fares please see:

our online bus booking page here  >

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