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The KTM E-Ticket booking system is our least favourite way to book train tickets in Malaysia online, as it is no where near as simple as using an agent, who offer a much better and quicker booking process.

KTM's booking system is not very user friendly and even the Malaysian Prime Minister has recently (March 2017) instructed KTM Berhad to improve the KTM website due to numerous complaints about this service.

Update : As of the end of October 2017, there is now a new KTMB website with the booking system on their home page.

The only improvement I see to the booking process is you no longer need to create an account to make a booking.

The booking search box is still not user friendly and you can now only find trains within a 6 hour period, which can be very annoying, as you have to search again if there are no trains available in that 6 hour period.

The old is no longer valid.

If you want to give the new KTMB booking system a try, here is the direct link.

If you want to try Busonlineticket's booking system click here >>>

Please Note : If you do have a problem with your tickets purchased through KTM, please do not contact us asking where your tickets are (numerous people have done so in the past) - you will have to contact KTM - they are the only ones who will be able to give you the answer!

How to Book Tickets on Malaysia Railway Website

Now that you no longer need to create an account to use the KTM website booking system, the booking platform has become easy to access - they have even put the search box on their home page.

First select your point of origin and destination and journey date and if you want a one-way or return ticket.

This is where you will have to know your Malaysian geography as all stations are listed under the state they are located in.

Now you have to select a six hour time period during that day you want to travel in.

If you don't know what time your desired train departs, this is where the KTM booking system starts to get very annoying.

So check out our ETS Schedule page here to find out exactly what time your train leaves before you start the booking process.

Now select the amount of passengers travelling.

Now click the search button.

If there are any seats available during that time period on that day, they will now appear on the screen.

Select which train you want to travel on by clicking on it and on the right hand side of the page under "Journey summary", click proceed.

Now you will either have to Log In or click on the "continue as guest" (you will now have to enter your email address and telephone number as a guest).

Next you will have to enter all passengers names, passport numbers, date of birth and sex.

Next, select your seats.

Then the final step is the payment section.

Fill out your payment details and your finally done.

You now have to either : Print out your ticket or save the ticket image to your smart phone.

You can also choose to have your ticket printed out at the station (you will need the ticket ID or reference number).

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