Food on Trains in Thailand

There is no shortage of food on trains in Thailand on what ever class of coach you are travelling on.

If you are on the slower Ordinary or Rapid trains, there is a constant supply of food sold by vendors who walk up and down the aisle selling all kinds of snacks and drinks.

At many stations you will a also get a range of packaged meals being sold by people either getting on the train or walking along the platform shouting out what they have on offer.

On Diesel Railcar services you will have airline style food and soft drinks served to you at your seat by hostesses.

These meals are not the best but will fill a gap if your hungry and are included in the price of your ticket.

I would however recommend you take along some snacks as well, especially on longer journeys.

Thai Train Restaurant CarDining / Restaurant Car
Food VendorFood Vendor selling cheap meals

For the long distance Special Express and Express trains in second and first class there is usually a restaurant car where you can go and have a meal or just a drink.

You will also on many trains be offered table service at your seat, with one of the on-board SRT crew members coming round with a menu (in English) with a variety of set meals and drinks.

Please note : Beer is no longer sold on board and all consumption of alcohol on trains is now forbidden.

Food from the dining car is served between 05.30 and 22.00.

Dinner menu on Thai trainsThe Set Dinner Menu
Breakfast menu on Thai trainsThe Breakfast Menu

Set Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu Set A

Dinner Menu Set A - 160 Baht

Dinner Menu Set B

Set B - 160 Baht

Dinner Menu Set C

Set C - 160 Baht

Dinner Menu Set D

Set D - 160 Baht

Dinner Menu Set E

Set E - 180 Baht
For those that do not like spicy food.

Dinner Menu Set F

Set F - 190 Baht

Dinner Menu Set J

Set J (Vegetarian) - 180 Baht
They had a little problem with the alphabet here!

Seafood Menu Set 1
Seafood Menu Set 2

There is also a two seafood set menus for two people, costing 400 Baht.

The Breakfast Menu

Thai style Breakfast

Set 1 - Thai style Breakfast - 100 Baht

Breakfast Set 2

Set 2 - 120 Baht

Breakfast Set 3

Set 3 - 120 Baht

Breakfast Set 4

Set 4 - 120 Baht

Breakfast Set 5

Set 5 - 70 Baht

Thai Menu

There is also a menu in Thai with slightly different options available. You will not usually be offered these so ask or go down to the restaurant car.

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