Train 251 Timetable Thailand

Train 251 is an "Ordinary" service on Thailand's Southern railway line, that departs from Bang Sue Junction station in Bangkok, to Prachuap Khiri Khan town, on the Gulf of Thailand.

Train 251 Timetable

Station Departure time
Bang Sue Junction 12.45
Bang Bamru 13.07
Taling Chan Junction 13.17
Banchimphli 13.21
Phuttamonthon Sai 2 13.25
Sala Thammasop 13.28
Sala Ya 13.33
Wat Suwan 13.39
Khlong Maha Sawat 13.43
Wat Ngiu Rai 13.48
Nakhon Chaisi 13.53
Tha Chalaep 13.59
Ton Samrong 14.04
Nakhon Pathom 14.09
Phrong Madua 14.17
Khlong Bang Tan 14.22
Nong Pla Duk Junction 14.28
Ban Pong 14.34
Nakhon Chum 14.41
Khlong Ta Khot 14.46
Photharam 14.52
Chet Samian 15.01
Ban Kluai 15.08
Chulalongkorn Bridge 15.13
Ratchaburi 15.32
Ban Khu Bua 15.39
Bo Takhroi 15.52
Ban Pa Kai 15.58
Pak Tho 16.03
Huai Rong 16.08
Bang Khem 16.13
Khao Yoi 16.20
Nong Pla Lai 16.28
Bang Chak 16.38
Phetchaburi 16.48
Khao Thamon 16.58
Nong Ma Luang 17.02
Nong Chok 17.08
Cha-Am 17.24
Huai Sai Nua 17.34
Huai Sai Tai 17.39
Hua Hin 17.50
Nong Kae 17.55
Suan Soan Pradipat 18.00
Khao Tao 18.04
Wang Phong 18.12
Pranburi 18.16
Nong Khang 18.26
Sam Roi Yot 18.34
Sang Krathai 18.40
Kui Buri 18.50
Bo Nok 18.57
Thung Mamao 19.06
Khan Kradai 19.12
Prachuap Khiri Khan 19.20

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Seat Classes

This service comprises of just 3rd class seat coaches which are fan cooled and as you can see from the schedule above, this train stops nearly everywhere along its route.

When you board the train you may find two types of carriages. The wooden seat or padded side seats carriages. Personally I prefer the wooden seats, as you can sit and watch the world go by with a nice wind to keep you cool, rather than having you back to the window in the padded carriages.

3rd Class Wooden Seat Carriages3rd Class Wooden Seat Carriages
3rd Class Padded Seat Carriages3rd Class Padded Seat Carriages

Tickets on these Ordinary trains are very cheap for tourists (free for Thai people) and if you wanted to do the total journey on train 251's route, it would cost you just 56 Baht to travel the 301 kilometres from Bangkok to Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Much cheaper than the bus fare along this route, it is a really cheap way to travel and very handy for shorter trips to less well known destinations on the Gulf of Thailand.

However, these services do tend to spend a lot of time waiting at stations for the faster and more expensive Rapid and Express trains to pass, so be prepared for delays!

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