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Train Schedule & Fares

Below you will find the latest ETS Ipoh Taiping Ipoh Train Schedule for the new high-speed Electric Train Services.

Travel from Ipoh to Taiping (and vice versa) by the new ETS Train is quick and convenient, with many departures a day to choose from.

ETS Schedule from Ipoh to Taiping


Please Note : from 1st of February 2017 a new ETS schedule has been introduced.

Click here to see the full new ETS timetables >>>>>

New Ipoh to Taiping ETS Schedule from 1st February 2017 :

To see the timetable in the opposite direction to Ipoh see below here >>>

Train Number Departs Ipoh Arrives Taiping Operating Days
EG9520 01.50 02.40 All
EG9020 09.26 10.16 All
EP9006 10.17 11.05 Fr/Sa/Su
EP9202 11.21 12.09 All
EG9512 12.04 12.54 All
EP9008 13.00 13.47 All
EP9204 13.51 14.39 All
EG9024 15.36 16.26 All
EG9412 18.37 19.28 All
EG9514 19.44 20.35 All
EG9214 22.21 23.11 All
EG9216 23.57 00.48 All

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Prices are the same as tickets purchased from the station!

EG numbered trains are ETS Gold Services.

EP numbered trains are ETS Platinum Services.

To see the full ETS Timetable northbound click here >>>

ETS Schedule from Taiping to Ipoh


Please Note : There is a new KTM ETS timetable from the 1st February 2017.

Click here to see the full new ETS schedules >>>>>

New Taiping to Ipoh ETS Timetable from 1st February 2017 :

Train Number Departs Taiping Arrives Ipoh Operating Days
EP9201 05.36 06.25 All
EG9211 07.06 07.57 All
EG9113 08.29 09.20 All
EG9021 08.59 09.52 All
EP9401 11.21 12.10 All
EP9203 14.21 15.10 All
EP9501 15.01 15.50 All
EP9007 16.06 16.55 Fr/Sa/Su
EG9215 17.01 17.52 All
EG9019 17.59 18.50 All
EP9009 19.03 19.52 All
EG9525 21.56 22.47 All
EG9217 23.40 00.25 All

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Pay the same as the station counter price!

EG numbered trains are ETS Gold Services.

EP numbered trains are ETS Platinum Services.

To view the full ETS Timetable for southbound trains click here >>>

Ticket Prices

There are just two different fares for these trains.

Fares shown are for one-way tickets - no discount is given for return tickets.

ETS Gold Fares cost :

Adults : 20 MYR - Child : 14 MYR

ETS Platinum Fares are :

Adults : 24 MYR - Child : 16 MYR

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Booking Tickets for the ETS Ipoh Taiping Train

As all these trains are long distance ETS services, you may find that if you just turn up at the station hoping to get a ticket, the trains may be full.

So, if you want to be sure of a seat for this short sector, you should book your tickets in advance.

Train tickets in Malaysia can usually be booked up to 60 days in advance.

You can book your train seats easily by either :

Buying your tickets from a ticketing counter at any mainline KTMB railway station.

Or, you can book your tickets online, either directly from KTM or by using an online ticketing agent.

To book either way :

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