Plant Trees for Free

Did you know that just by making a simple change to the way you search the web, you can help plant trees for free every time you make a search at

Be one of a growing number of people whose daily internet use is making a positive change to our planet.

Just click on the picture below to start planting trees now:

As a travel website, we like to promote greener travel by using trains.

However, whatever transport you use you will always be leaving a carbon footprint behind you.

Some people give money to offset their carbon footprint by planting trees.

Most people do nothing, often because they can't afford to.

Now you can help by just changing one small thing - the way you search the web.

Unlike most other search engines, use 80% or more of their profits to plant trees all around the world.

So far (as of July 2020) they have planted over 100 million trees to help reforest some of the worst affected areas around the world.

Their next target is ONE BILLION.

How does Ecosia Work and How can YOU Help Plant Trees for Free?

Like all search engines, Ecosia gets revenue from advertising in their search results.

Unlike all other search engines, they use at least 80 % of the profit from this revenue for the good of the planet by taking on projects around the world to reforest damaged areas due to natural disasters and mans ever increasing amount of deforestation.

So how can you get involved and help plant trees for free?

By changing the search engine you use to Ecosia, that is all you have to do.

You don't even have to be a person who usually clicks on adverts, as the more people who use their search engine, the higher the price advertisers are willing to pay to appear in their search results and the more profit they can make to plant trees.

If you want to find out more and see how Ecosia actually works just click on the following link:

On average, a tree gets planted for every 45 searches made on ecosia.

Even if you only do a couple of searches a day, that's 16 trees a year you would have planted.

Do 10 searches a day and that would be 81 trees a year being planted just because you changed search engine.

Now imagine how many trees you could help plant if all your friends, family, school, college, place of work etc used ecosia.

Thousands - Millions - Billions

You can use ecosia search by:

Making Ecosia your home page.

Making them your default search engine in your browser - Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Adding their iOS and Android apps to your mobile device.

Get started now - click over to and help make our planet a better place to live for everyone and everything.