KTM Train from Ipoh to Butterworth Komuter, ETS Schedule, Fares

Taking a KTM train from Ipoh to Butterworth (Penang Sentral), these days you have a choice of a cheap KTM Komuter or a slightly faster and more comfortable ETS.

Taking the train to Butterworth from Ipoh is a nice relaxing way to travel from Ipoh to Penang Island, with the ferry just a short walk from the railway station, taking just 10 - 15 minutes to cross over to the UNESCO World Heritage City of George Town.

From the ferry jetty on the island you are within five to ten minutes walk of little India and Chinatown, where you will find dozens of places to stay, both cheap and more upmarket.

KTM Komuter Train Timetable from Ipoh to Butterworth Penang

(Jadual KTM Komuter Ipoh ke Butterworth)

Since September 2023 when the northern commuter (Komuter Utara) train route was extended to Ipoh, you can now travel cheaply from Ipoh to Butterworth.

To see the latest KTM Komuter train schedule from Ipoh to Butterworth, click on the timetable link below:

The KTM Komuter train to Butterworth from Ipoh is scheduled to take just under two hours, stopping at the following stations along the route:

Sungai Siput - Kuala Kangsar - Padang Rengas - Taiping - Kamunting - Bagan Serai - Parit Buntar - Nibong Tebal - Simpang Ampat - Bukit Mertajam - Bukit Tengah - Butterworth (Penang Sentral).

Seating on KTM Komuter trains is on a first come, first served basis, with a wide central aisle for standing passengers.

As these train all originate from Ipoh Railway Station, most of the time there will be no problem getting a seat.

ETS Train from Ipoh to Butterworth Timetable

(Jadual ETS Ipoh ke Butterworth)

The long-distance ETS trains on the route to Butterworth from Ipoh are around 15 minutes quicker than the KTM Komuter trains (they don't stop at most of the smaller stations).

They are also much more comfortable as you get a reserved seat when you purchase your tickets.

To see the latest ETS schedule to Butterworth from Ipoh, click on the timetabe link below:

KTM Ipoh to Butterworth Ticket Prices

(Harga Tiket KTM Ipoh ke Butterworth)

Tickets on the KTM Komuter trains are very cheap costing just 12.80 MYR (much cheaper than the ETS trains).

The price for ETS tickets start at around 33 MYR for a Gold ETS train and from around 42 MYR for a Platinum ETS train.

Buying Tickets

KTM Komuter train tickets are only sold on the day of travel from Ipoh Train Station.

ETS train tickets should be booked as far in advance as possible to make sure you can get a seat (they are also cheaper than leaving your purchase to the last minute).

You can book ETS tickets from any KTM ETS railway station ticket counter or:

online from the Malaysian Railways website.

There is really not a lot to keep you in Butterworth.

If you do, there are just a few places to stay.

You are much better off jumping on the ferry to George Town which goes every 15 minutes or so during the peak hours of the day.

The ferry terminal is just a few minutes walk from Butterworth Train Station.

When you arrive at the jetty in George Town, you can either walk into town, grab a taxi or take one of the Rapid Penang buses which are just next to the exit from the ferry.

These buses will get you anywhere in the city or out to the beaches at Batu Ferringhi (bus 101).

Just ask at the information office in the bus station and they will help you get to where you want in the city or around the island.

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