Bangkok Nakhon Ratchasima Train Times and Fares

You have a choice of 10 trains a day between Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), with fast Express trains, cheap Ordinary trains and night time sleeper trains.

Train Timetable from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat)

Train Number Departs Arrives Type
21 05.45 10.01 Special Express DRC
135 06.40 12.12 Rapid
71 10.05 14.27 Express DRC
233 11.40 16.50 Ordinary
145 15.20 21.15 Rapid
77 18.35 23.17 Express DRC
139 18.55 00.07 Rapid (Sleeper)
23 20.30 01.36 Special Express (Sleeper)
67 21.30 02.36 Express (Sleeper)
141 22.25 03.42 Rapid

All Trains operates daily.

All trains originate from Bangkok's main railway station, Hua Lamphong.

For information on Hua Lamphong Station click here>>>

Train Timetable from Nakhon Ratchasima to Bangkok

Train Number Departs Arrives Type
68 00.36 06.40 Express (Sleeper)
140 01.42 07.20 Rapid (Sleeper)
234 08.22 14.15 Ordinary
72 10.18 14.55 Express DRC
136 12.33 18.40 Rapid
146 15.23 21.10 Rapid
22 18.47 22.55 Special Express DRC
78 23.04 05.00 Express DRC
142 23.25 05.00 Rapid
24 23.59 05.15 Special Express (Sleeper)

Ticket Prices for the Bangkok Nakhon Ratchasima Train

Special Express DRC (Diesel Railcars) are the fastest trains to Korat and comprise of just 2 or 3 2nd class air-condition seat carriages. The ticket prices below include a meal and soft drinks.

Adult 425THB
Child 368THB

Express Trains cost :

2nd Class Seat (A/C):
Adult 325THB
Child 268THB

3rd Class Seat (Fan):
Adult 200THB
Child 175THB

Express Sleeper Trains also have a range of beds available and cost:

1st Class Sleepers (A/C):
Adult (upper berth) 810THB
Adult (lower berth) 1010THB

Child (upper) 695THB
Child (lower) 895THB

2nd Class Sleepers (A/C) - Varying carriage types:
Adult (upper berth) 495, 525 or 545THB
Adult (lower berth) 545, 595 or 635THB

Child (upper berth) 438, 468 or 488THB
Child (lower berth) 488, 538 or 578THB

Rapid Trains have 2nd and 3rd class fan cooled seats - the sleeper trains have 2nd class berths :

2nd Class Seat:
Adult 165THB
Child 108THB

3rd Class Seat:
Adult 100THB
Child 75THB

2nd Class Sleepers (A/C):
Adult (upper berth) 395THB
Adult (lower berth) 445THB

Child (upper) 338THB
Child (lower) 388THB

2nd Class Sleepers (Fan):
Adult (upper berth) 265THB
Adult (lower berth) 315THB

Child (upper) 208THB
Child (lower) 258THB

Ordinary Trains are the slowest and cheapest services and comprise of just 3rd class fan cooled seat carriages.
Tickets are extremely cheap and cost just 50THB for Adults / 25THB for Children

Departure times and fares shown on this page are for information only and may have changed.

Please check with the State Railway of Thailand before travel, by either visiting a Thai railway station, calling the 24 hour call centre on 1690.

or by visiting their website here>>>

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