Bangkok Ubon Ratchathani Train Times and Fares

Travel by train between Bangkok and Ubon Ratchathani on Thailand's North-Eastern Railway Line is often used by people wishing to travel to and from Bangkok to Laos.

Ubon is located just an hours bus ride away from the Laos border crossing and then another hours minibus ride to the town of Pakse in Champasak province, the gateway to all the tourist attractions of Southern Laos and the Mekong River Falls.

Timetable of Trains from Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani

Train Number Departs Arrives Type
21 05.45 14.00 Special Express DRC
135 06.40 18.00 Rapid
71 10.05 19.50 Express DRC
145 15.20 03.35 Rapid
139 18.55 06.15 Rapid (sleeper)
23 20.30 06.35 Special Express (sleeper)
67 21.30 07.50 Express (sleeper)
141 22.25 10.20 Rapid

Trains operate Daily

Timetable of Trains from Ubon Ratchathani to Bangkok

Train Number Departs Arrives Type
72 05.40 14.55 Express DRC
136 07.00 18.40 Rapid
146 09.30 21.10 Rapid
22 14.50 22.55 Special Express DRC
142 17.35 05.00 Rapid
24 19.00 05.15 Special Express (sleeper)
68 19.30 06.40 Express (sleeper)
140 20.30 07.20 Rapid (sleeper)

At trains depart and arrive from the main railway station in Bangkok. They also stop at Bang Sue Junction (for connections to the Northern / Southern Line and Northern bus station) and Sam Sen station.

Bangkok Ubon Ratchathani Train Fares

Tickets for these services vary depending on the type of train, seat or sleeping berth, A/C or fan and class of travel.

Special Express DRC Trains (Diesel Railcars) offer an all seat air-conditioned coach and you will be served a meal and soft drinks along your journey (included in the ticket price). Tickets for these trains cost :

Adult 581THB
Child 471THB

Special Express Sleeper Trains are the services using the new, modern train carriages introduced in 2017 and are the most expensive trains, with just 1st and 2nd class A/C sleeper coaches..

1st Class Sleepers :
Adult (upper berth) 1120THB
Adult (lower berth) 1320THB

Child (upper) 890THB
Child (lower) 1090THB

2nd Class Sleepers :

Adult (upper) 731 THB
Adult (lower) 821 THB

Child (upper) 621 THB
Child (lower) 711 THB

Express Trains cost :

1st Class Sleepers :
Adult (upper berth) 1080THB
Adult (lower berth) 1280THB

Child (upper) 850THB
Child (lower) 1050THB

2nd Class Sleepers (There are a range of slightly different 2nd class sleeper carriages and each type has a different price.) :

Adult (upper) 641, 671 or 691 THB
Adult (lower) 691, 741 or 781 THB

Child (upper) 531, 561 or 581 THB
Child (lower) 581, 631 or 671 THB

All sleeper carriages are Air-Conditioned.

2nd Class Seat (fan cooled):

Adult 371 THB
Child 261 THB

Rapid Trains cost :

2nd Class Seat (fan cooled):
Adult 331THB
Child 221THB

3rd Class Seat (fan cooled):
Adult 205THB
Child 158THB

Rapid sleeper trains also have 2nd Class air-conditioned coaches and cost :

Adult (upper) 601THB
Adult (lower) 651THB

Child (upper) 491THB
Child (lower) 541THB

Some trains may also have 2nd Class fan cooled coaches and cost :

Adult (upper) 431THB
Adult (lower) 481THB

Child (upper) 321THB
Child (lower) 371THB

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How to Travel from Ubon Ratchathani to Pakse in Laos?

From Ubon you can continue your journey to Laos by either taking a regular minibus or the International bus (both leave from Ubon's main bus station).

There are a couple of buses a day from Ubon Ratchathani to Pakse in Laos departing at 09.00 and 15.00. The bus takes around 3 hours and costs 200THB.

Alternatively, you can catch a regular minibus to the border at Chong Mek (about one hour - 100THB) - Tuk tuk to the border (around 1km - 20 THB) - cross the border, then catch another minivan to Pakse for about 120THB.

All times and fares on this Bangkok Ubon Ratchathani train page are published for information only and may change.

Please check departure times at any Thai railway station or by calling 1690 (SRT 24 hours call centre).

You can also check the SRT website here>>>

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