Ipoh to Penang Train

If you want to travel from Ipoh to Penang Island by train, there is now a choice of KTM Berhad train services you can choose from - ETS or Komuter.

To get to Penang Island, you have to take the train from Ipoh to Butterworth.

From Butterworth train station, you can then take a short ferry ride over to George Town on Penang Island.

Ipoh to Penang by KTM Komuter Train

From September '23, the KTM Komuter Utara route was extended three stations further south to Ipoh.

These trains are popular as they are much cheaper than travelling on the ETS services and faster than travelling by bus.

The journey from Ipoh to Butterworth Railway Station (Penang Sentral) by KTM Komuter train is scheduled to take one hour and 56 minutes (only slightly slower than travelling by ETS train) and there are fairly regular departures throughout the day.

The main difference between Komuter and ETS trains is comfort.

KTM Komuter trains are much like tube / subway trains in the west with seating arranged along the side of the carriages and a large central aisle for use by standing passengers.

Seating on a KTM Commuter Train from Ipoh to Penang Butterworth

Seating on Komuter trains is on a first come, first served basis,

So, when the KTM Komuter trains are very busy, you may have to stand for part of the journey before a seat becomes free.

If you want to make sure you can get a seat, you will have to take one of the more expensive ETS train services where you get a reserved seat when you book your tickets.

ETS Ipoh to Penang Train

ETS trains of the route from Ipoh to Penang (Butterworth) offer a far more relaxing way to travel in your own reserved seat.

All passengers on ETS trains in Malaysia most purchase a ticket before boarding, with each ticket having a specific seat number.

No standing passengers are allowed on ETS trains.

Seats on an ETS Train from Ipoh to Penang

Buying Tickets for the Train from Ipoh to Penang

If you want to travel by ETS train from Ipoh to Penang, you should book your tickets as far in advance as you can as seat numbers are limited and trains are often are fully booked during busy times of the year.

You can book ETS train tickets online or from any KTM ETS train station ticket counter within Malaysia.

Travelling by KTM Komuter train from Ipoh to Penang is much simpler.

As KTM Komuter tickets are only sold on the day of travel, just turn up at Ipoh Railway Station, buy your Komuter ticket, then take the next train heading to Butterworth.

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