Talat Phlu Railway Station Bangkok

The Talat Phlu Railway Station is a very small train station with just one track that links Wongwian Yai Train Station to Maha Chai Train Station.

Photo of Talat Phlu Railway Station in Bangkok

There are 17 inbound and 17 outbound commuter trains running daily.

The train journey from here to Maha Chai takes approximately 1 hour.

Train fares are very cheap and are priced depending on your destination and cost:  

3 THB – 5 THB – 6 THB – 8 THB – 9 THB – 10 THB

A ticket all the way to Maha Chai costs just 10 THB.

NB: All coaches are fan coaches as air-conditioned coaches are no longer running on this line.

In the past there were also air-conditioned coaches up to Maha Chai (25 THB) but at moment this service is not available and we don’t know if it is going to be reintroduced.

Picture of the ticket counter
The waiting ares at the station

commuter train arriving at Talat Phlu
restaurant near the level crossing at Talat Phlu station

If you need to contact the station, the contact telephone number of the Talat Phlu railway station is: 0-2465-1024

Talat Phlu Railway Station Train Schedules

Train timetable to Maha Chai

Station 4303 4311 4321 4341 4305 4313 4323 4343 4315 4325 4317 4307 4327 4345 4309 4329 4347
Talat Phlu 05.34 06.29 07.04 07.44 08.39 09.44 10.44 12.19 13.24 14.29 15.29 16.34 17.09 17.39 18.39 19.14 20.14
Maha Chai 06.23 07.27 07.58 08.39 09.28 10.36 11.39 13.10 14.15 15.22 16.27 17.26 18.02 18.36 19.30 20.04 21.00

Please check departure times locally before travelling.

Train timetable from Maha Chai

Station 4302 4310 4320 4340 4304 4312 4322 4342 4314 4324 4316 4306 4326 4344 4308 4328 4346
Maha Chai 04.30 05.20 05.55 06.25 07.00 08.00 09.35 10.40 11.45 13.15 14.25 15.25 16.00 16.30 17.35 18.10 19.00
Talat Phlu 05.20 06.13 06.50 07.25 07.53 09.00 10.28 11.35 12.40 14.10 15.15 16.16 16.52 17.25 18.22 18.58 19.56

Please check departure times locally before travelling.

If you want know how to travel out to the popular Train Market at Mae Klong from Talat Phlu Railway Station :
Click here for more information and how to get there by train >>>

Location of Talat Phlu Train Station and how to get there

The train station is located around 1.5 km west from the Wongwian Yai Train Station. 

There is an entrance on Thoet Thai road (ถนน เทอดไท) and it can also be accessed by the Liap Tang Rot Fai alley (ซอยเลียบทางรถไฟ) which runs parallel to the railway track. 

Talat Phlu station and Liap Tang Rot Fai alley
station entrance on Thoet Thai road

It is easily accessible by taking the BTS (Sky Train) Silom line to the station Talat Phlu on Ratchaphruek road (ถนนราชพฤกษ์). 

The BTS station is located around 800 metres from the train station:  

  • Take the BTS walk way and cross above the Ratchadapisek intersection.   
  • Exit the BTS walk way at the exit 4 which is near the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) station.
  • Cross on the other side of the Ratchaphruek road and walk along Ratchadapisek road (ถนนรัชดาภิเษก).
  • Keep on walking for around 5 minutes until you reach the railway track and the level crossing. The Train Station is on your right along Liap Tang Rot Fai alley (ซอยเลียบทางรถไฟ). 

For more information on the BTS service go to:

You can also go to the train station by taking the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) which links Sathorn station (สาทร) to Ratchaphruek station (ราชพฤกษ์) at Ratchadapisek intersection.

From the Ratchadapisek intersection follows the instructions as mentioned above. 

In Sathorn the BRT station is accessible through the big and beautiful Sky Bridge that stands above the Narathiwat-Sathorn Intersection and that links the BRT station to the BTS Chong Nonsi station (สถานีรถไฟฟ้าช่องนนทรี).

Photo of the sky bridge Narathiwat Sathorn intersection
Photo of the BRT Sathorn station

To see a map of the BRT line (in yellow colour) go to:


From Wongwian Yai area follow the small road or alley that runs along the railway track of the Wongwian Yai – Maha Chai line.  

The small road which starts at Wongwian Yai Train Station is named Rim Tang Rot Fai alley (ซอยริมทางรถไฟ) and then as it is getting closer to the station, its name changes for Liap Tang Rot Fai alley (ซอยเลียบทางรถไฟ)

You can either take a motorbike taxi (20 THB) or walk all the way (around 1.5 km).  

It is actually a very nice walk as the railway track is very green with a lot of vegetation and there are many shops or markets along the track and some nice houses.

The railway track between Wongwian Yai and Talat Phlu
The railway track and street market

houses along the railway track

The train station is also accessible by bus

The bus stop near the train station on Ratchadapisek road is served by the following buses:  

  • Regular (non-air) buses:15, 68, 101, 108, 147 
  • Air-con buses: 68

The bus stop near the train station on Thoet Thai road (ถนน เทอดไท) is served by the following buses:

  • Regular (non-air): 4, 9

To learn more about the Bangkok bus network go to our Bangkok public buses page>>>

The Talat Phlu area: a place of interest

Talat Phlu (ตลาดพลู) is an old area in Thonburi on the western bank of the Chaopraya River along the Bangkok Yai canal (บางกอกให่ญ).

Photo of the bangkok Yai canal in the Talat Phlu area
Bangkok Yai canal

In Thai language “Talat” (ตลาด) means “market” and “Phlu” (พลู) means betel. 

This name comes from the fact that people used to cultivate betel in the area and that there was a big betel market.

It is now famous for its labyrinth of small streets that run around the canal, its lovely temples such as Wat Khun Chan (วัดขุนจันทร์) or Wat Pak Nam (วัดปากน้ำ), its traditional wooden houses as well as its flea market and its delicious street food.

The area is worth a visit and its train station can be a point of departure for the small fishing port of Maha Chai and the Mae Klong Market (“Train Market”).

Photo of typical small lane in Talat Phlu area of Bangkok

A typical small lane in this area of Bangkok

Picture of a wooden house by the canal

A wooden house by the canal

bridge crossing Bangkok Yai canal in Talat Phlu

Bridge crossing Bangkok Yai canal

Lying Buddha statue at Wat Khun Chan in Talat Phlu

Lying / reclining Buddha statue at Wat Khun Chan

big Buddha statue at Wat Khun Chan

Big Buddha statue at Wat Khun Chan

big Chedi at Wat Pak Nam in Talat Phlu

Big Chedi at Wat Pak Nam

Old wooden house

Old wooden house

Reclining Buddha statue

Reclining Buddha statue along the Bangkok Yai canal

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