Bangkok Train Market - Mae Klong Railway Market Train Schedule - ตลาดแม่กลอง 

Looking for the famous train that goes through Bangkok market?

Then you will have to travel out to Mae Klong Railway Station.

The most interesting way to travel to the Bangkok train market is on your own tour.

Photo of the Mae Klong Railway station sign

You can board one of the commuter trains that are running on the Mae Klong line and have an interesting journey out to the market, rather than going on one of the organized tours that lets you enjoy Bangkok's often horrendous traffic jams, from the seat of a cramped minibus..

Aerial view of a train at Mae KlongAerial view of a train at Mae Klong
Train arriving at the Mae Klong stationTrain arriving at the Mae Klong station

Trains to Maeklong don’t leave from Bangkok main train station known as Hualamphong, but from Wongwian Yai Train Station.

For information on  Wongwian Yai Railway Station click here >>>

In Bangkok you can also choose to board your train at Talat Phlu Train Station which is around 1.5 km away from Wongwian Yai.

photo of Wongwian Yai railway stationWongwian Yai railway station

The Mae Klong line runs for approximately 70km from Wongwian Yai in Bangkok (on the left bank of the Chaopraya River), to Mae Klong in Samut Songkhram (สมุทรสงคราม).

It is used daily by locals to commute from Samut Sakhon and Samut SongKhram (South-West of Bangkok) to get to the Thai capital.

photo of a Train arriving at Wongwian YaiTrain arriving at Wongwian Yai

It is also used by Thai and foreign tourists to go to visit the famous Mae Klong Train Market, as well as the nearby Amphawa Floating Market.

Photo from inside the train from Wongwian Yai to Maha ChaiInside the train from Wongwian Yai to Maha Chai

How to get to Maeklong Railway Market by Train :

The line is made of two sections that are divided by the Tha Chin River (แม่น้ำท่าจีน) :

  • 1st section: from Wongwian Yai to Maha Chai (18 stations) = 1 hour trip
  • Ferry boat crossing the Tha Chin River = 5 minutes
  • 2nd section: from Ban Laem to Mae Klong (15 stations) = 1 hour trip

The commuter trains that run on the Maeklong railway line are very slow (average speed 30km/h) but also really cheap.

The total cost from the origin station of Wongwian Yai to Maeklong train station is only about 20 THB!

A lovely little train station on the Wongwian Yai Maha Chai lineA lovely little train station on the Wongwian Yai Maha to Chai line

There used to be Air-con coaches running on this line but at the moment there are only fan cooled coaches.

Maha Chai Railway Station (สถานีรถไฟมหาชัย)

photo of the Maha Chai railway stationMaha Chai railway station

Phone number: 0-3441-1003

Maha Chai (มหาชัย) is a small fishing town located by the Tha Chin River and is worth a visit for its market and its atmosphere.

photo of a street in Maha Chaistreet in Maha Chai

There are market sellers displaying their products (fresh veggies, fruits, seafood...) along or even directly on the railway tracks and once a train approaches the vendors swiftly clear the tracks to let the train pass by.

Every day there are many commuter trains going to Maha Chai and many commuter trains coming from Maha Chai.

On the Wongwian Yai - Maha Chai section the price of a ticket depends on the number of travelled stations and goes as follows:

3 THB – 5 THB – 6THB – 8THB – 9 THB – 10 THB

Warning: If you go to Maha Chai in order to visit the “Train Market” make sure to check at what time the next train from Ban Laem to Mae Klong is departing as there are only 4 daily trains running on the 2nd section from Ban Laem to Mae Klong.

You should also take into account that you will need altogether around 15 – 20 minutes to cross the river and reach Ban Laem Train Station.

Crossing the Tha Chin River to Ban Laem Train Station

photo of the ferry crossing Tha Chin river to Ban Laem train stationFerry crossing on the Tha Chin river to Ban Laem

The walk from Maha Chai Railway Station to the Ferry boat crossing pier takes about 5 – 10 minutes.

It takes around 5 minutes to cross the river and a ticket costs just 3 THB.

ferry boat arriving Maha Chai pierFerry boat arriving Maha Chai pier

Once on the other side of the river you have to walk for another 5 - 10 minutes to reach Ban Laem Railway Station (just follow the English road signs)

Ban Laem Railway Station (สถานีรถไฟบ้านแหลม)

photo of Ban Laem train stationBan Laem train station

Phone number: 0-3449-8055

Ban Laem is a very small station but not without a certain charm.

There are only 4 daily commuter trains running from Ban Laem to Mae Klong.

Train timetable Ban Laem to Mae KlongTrain timetable Ban Laem to Mae Klong

The photo above is now out of date and departure times have changed a little and now there are 4 services a day in either direction.

Since this line was upgraded in 2016, it is also much quicker, taking just an hour to get to Maeklong Station.

The new Mae Klong train timetable for 2018 is below.

Mae Klong Train Schedule 2018 from Ban Laem

New Ban Laem to Maeklong train schedule.

Station 4381 4383 4385 4387
Ban Laem 07.30 10.10 13.30 16.40
Mae Klong 08.30 11.10 14.30 17.40

On the Ban Laem to Mae Klong train, the price of a ticket depends on the number of travelled stations and goes as follows:

3 THB – 5 THB – 6THB – 8THB – 9 THB – 10 THB

As we already wrote, you should plan your trip beforehand and give yourself enough time to reach the railway station in order not to be left stranded at Ban Laem.

Mae Klong Railway Station (สถานีรถไฟแม่กลอง)

Inside Mae Klong train stationInside Mae Klong train station

Phone number: 0-3471-1906

Mae Klong Train Station is unique as it also operates as a fresh food market (veggies, fruits, all sorts of seafood and fishes…).

Photo of the Market stalls on the railway tracksMarket stalls on the railway tracks
photo of the market at Mae KlongThe railway tracks are used as the main walking alley of the market

It became world famous for the spectacle it offers 8 times per day, when market stalls have to be quickly removed from the railway tracks to give way to one of the oncoming trains.

The approaching train blows its horn to signal its imminent arrival, but the market vendors don't bother clearing the track until the last minute and the 2nd horn!

A train leaving Mae Klong stationA train leaving Mae Klong station
Cleared railway track at Rom Hoop marketCleared railway track at Rom Hoop market

As soon as the train is gone the stalls and products are moved back on the tracks as if nothing happened!

Actually the Thai name of the market is “Talat Hoop” (ตลาดร่มหุบ) which literally means the “Market Closed Umbrella”.

Market sellers ready to clear the way for approaching trainMarket sellers ready to clear the way for approaching train
Vendors standing in between the train and the market-stallsVendors standing in between the train and the market-stalls

The name comes from the fact that while a train is approaching vendors hold on to the poles that support their canopy roofs and wait till the last moment to give way to the train!

Obviously the train is running at low-speed, but it is still impressive as it almost touches the market stalls and different products that have been removed just far enough to let the locomotive and coaches squeeze through!

When coming by train from Ban Laem as you approach Mae Klong you will be able to observe by the train windows: market stalls, umbrellas, house walls that are being brushed past by the running coaches as well as people that awkwardly stands waiting for the train to pass them by or taking pictures of the spectacle.

There are only 4 daily commuter trains running from Mae Klong to Ban Laem.

Mae Klong Train Timetable 2018 to Ban Laem

Train timetable Mae Klong to Ban Laem 2018 :

Station 4380 4382 4384 4386
Mae Klong 06.20 09.00 11.30 15.30
Ban Laem 07.20 10.00 12.30 16.30

Train at the platform at Mae KlongTrain at the platform at Mae Klong

A few recommendations before you leave for the Bangkok Train Market at Mae Klong :

Please check all train departures with Thai Railways before you set off on your journey as times do change.

We thought that the “Bangkok Train Market” was kind of a tourist trap, but maybe it is just that we have been in Thailand too long!.

It is pretty crowded with foreign tourists that are wandering the market and trying to position themselves to take pictures of one of the 8 daily trains that arrives and departs at / from Mae Klong railway station.

The package tours  “Mae Klong + Amphawa Floating Market” probably sell like hot cakes at any Bangkok travel agencies.

For us, by far the most interesting part of the trip was the commuter train trip to get there, as it provides a good and authentic Thai experience and nice scenery.

However, many people seem to enjoy this day trip from Bangkok.

Lovely purple station on the Wongwian Yai-Maha Chai railway lineLovely purple station on the Wongwian Yai-Maha Chai railway line

The other interesting part of the trip is the fishing town of Maha Chai, for its lovely and alive market streets and its atmosphere.

These days a lot of tourists are actually travelling by vans or buses all the way up to Mae Klong or choose to hop on the train at Lat Yai or Bang Krabun which are the last two stations before the “Train Market”.

If you do that, in our opinion, you are actually missing the best part of the trip!

Our piece of advice would be to wake up early and get on the very early morning train that leaves Bangkok to Maha Chai.

Then take a connecting train at Ban Laem, leaving you plenty of time to explore and wander the streets of Maha Chai.

Walk around the “Market Closed Umbrella“ for a while and get yourself prepared along the railway track for next train that leaves for Ban Laem.

As you are getting closer to the train departure time, note how the market transforms itself and enjoy the spectacle offered by the vendors that remove their stalls in the blink of an eye and hold on to the poles of their awnings until the very last minute to let the train sneak in.

Train sneaking through market stallsTrain sneaking through market stalls
Tourists standing in between the market stalls and the running trainTourists standing in between the market stalls and the running train

Because there are so few trains running on the Mae Klong – Ban Laem section of the line and because there aren’t any evening trains, many people choose to go back to Bangkok by minibus / van.

There are minibuses running back and forth from Mae Klong to different places in Bangkok:

    To / From Victory Monument (อนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ)
    To / From the Southern Bus Terminal: Sai Tai Mai (สายใต้ใหม่)
    To / From the Phra Pinklao Lotus shopping centre (near Central Plaza Phra Pinklao เซ็นทรัลพลาซาปิ่นเกล้า )
    To / From Chatuchack (จตุจักร) in front of the Northern Bus Terminal: Mo Chit (สถานีขนส่งหมอชิต)

It costs around 80THB and it takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the Thai capital.

Sign for the Mae Klong minibus serviceSign for the Mae Klong minibus service

If you choose to go to Maeklong Market by minibus instead of going by train, you can always use the minibus service at Victory Monument.

As shown on the picture above the 1st van leaves at 05.30 and the last one at 21.00.

There is also a minibus service running from the Southern Bus Terminal known as Sai Tai Mai to Mae Klong (60THB).

A lot of people who travel to the “Bangkok Train Market” also choose to visit the nearby “Amphawa Floating Market”.

To know more about Amphawa Floating Market and how to get there click here>>>

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