Wongwian Yai Railway Station Bangkok

On the west bank of the Chaopraya River in Thonburi is the historical small train station named Wongwian Yai Railway Station (สถานีรถไฟวงเวียนใหญ่).

It is a small single track train station and from the main road, Somdet Phra Chao Tak Sin Road (ถนนสมเด็จพระเจ้าตากสิน), it is really difficult to realise that there is actually a train station hidden there.

photo of Wongwian Yai Railway StationWongwian Yai Railway Station

entrance of Wongwian Yai stationEntrance of Wongwian Yai station
commuter train at Wongwian Yai stationCommuter train at the station

There is a small road with shops that runs parallel to the single railway track and passengers exit or board the trains either from the platform or from the road.

Location of Wongwian Yai Station

The Wongwian Yai Train Station is located close to a huge roundabout which features in its middle a big and majestic statue of King Taksin. 

In the 18th Century King Taksin liberated Ayutthaya from the Burmese invaders and made Thonburi the capital of the Kingdom of Siam.

Photo ot the Wongwian Yai roundabout and Taksin statueWongwian Yai roundabout and Taksin statue
Photo of King Taksin statueKing Taksin statue

The roundabout is a major intersection linking Thonburi on the western bank of the Chaopraya River to Bangkok on the eastern bank of the river through the Memorial Bridge.

Wongwian Yai Railway Station Map:

Bangkok map with Wongwian Yai Railway StationBangkok map with Wongwian Yai Railway Station

How to get to Wongwian Yai Station?

One of the easiest and quickest ways to go to the Wongwian Yai Railway Station is to take the BTS Silom line up to Wongwian Yai BTS station.  

Once there take the walk way towards the Taksin Intersection and exit at the Exit 3.

Walk towards Wongwian Yai on Somdet Phra Chao Tak Sin Road (ถนนสมเด็จพระเจ้าตากสิน). 

map of the BTS walk way exitsMap of the BTS walk way exits
BTS walk way exit number 3BTS walk way exit number 3

The train station is located on your left after the sign Somdet Phra Chao Tak Sin 2 and before reaching Wongwian Yai roundabout.

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Another way if you are staying along the Chaopraya River is to take a Chaopraya Express Boat to Sathorn (Taksin) pier.  

All Chaopraya Express Boats (Orange flag, Yellow flag, Green flag, No flag and the Blue flag tourist boat) stop at Sathorn (Taksin) pier.

Photo of a Chaopraya Express Boat in BangkokChaopraya Express Boat in Bangkok

This pier is also named Central pier and is the origin pier of most of the Chaopraya Express Boats.

Right by the pier is the Saphan Taksin BTS station and from there just follow the same way to Wongwian Yai as explained previously.

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The buses that stop at the bus stop near the train station on Somdet Phra Chao Tak Sin Road are the regular (non-air) buses 20, 21, 37, 68, 82, 85, 101, 105, 120 and the air-con buses 6, 10, 34. 

There are also many buses that go to Wongwian Yai just by the train station as it is a major bus hub for the BMTA (Bangkok Mass Transit Authority).

Some of these buses are coming from Bangkok by the historical Memorial Bridge (สะพานพูทธ) that links the old area of Bangkok to Thonburi.

Photo of the Memorial Bridge on the Chaopraya river in BangkokMemorial Bridge on the Chaopraya river in Bangkok

To know more about public buses in Bangkok click here >

From Wongwian Yai to Samut Sakhon also known as Maha Chai (former name)

The Wongwian Yai Train Station has commuter trains going back and forth to Maha Chai (มหาชัย) – South-West of Bangkok – on the Mae Klong line.

The commuter trains are used by locals to go back and forth from Bangkok to Samut Sakhon and Samut SongKhram.

It is also used by local and foreign tourists to go to the famous Mae Klong “Train Market” and to Amphawa Floating Market.

sign Wongwian Yai to Maha ChaiSign to Maha Chai
platform restaurant at Wongwian Yai stationPlatform restaurant

View of a train leaving the station from the streetView of the train leaving the station from the street

At Wongwian Yai Station the ticket counter is located at the start of the platform.

The ticket counter at Wongwian Yai Train StationTicket counter

The journey to Maha Chai takes around 1 hour.

The ticket fare on the Wongwian Yai – Maha Chai line goes according to the travelled distance: 3 THB – 5 THB – 6 THB – 8 THB – 9 THB – 10 THB

A ticket from Wongwian Yai to Maha Chai costs 10 THB.

NB: There used to be air-conditioned coaches (25 THB up to Maha Chai) running on this line.

At the time of writing only fan coaches were running and no-one could tell us for sure if in the future air-conditioned coaches would be reintroduced.

There are 17 daily commuter trains going to Maha Chai and 17 daily commuter trains coming from Maha Chai.

commuter train heading off to Maha ChaiThai commuter train
Picture of the inside of the train to Maha ChaiInside of the train to Maha Chai

From Wongwian Yai railway station, the 1st train leaves at 05.30 and arrives at Maha Chai at 6.23 while the last train leaves at 20.10 and arrives at 21.00.

From Maha Chai the 1st train leaves at 04.30 and arrives at Wongwian Yai at 05.23 while the last train leaves at 19.00 and arrives at 19.59.

Another interesting area to visit or to catch the train from along this line, is the Talat Phlu railway station which is around one and a half kilometres from Wongwian Yai in an old area of Thonburi.

Mae Klong Line Train Timetables

Train timetable Wongwian Yai to Maha Chai

Station 4303 4311 4321 4341 4305 4313 4323 4343 4315 4325 4317 4307 4327 4345 4309 4329 4347
Wongwian Yai 05.30 06.25 07.00 07.40 08.35 09.40 10.40 12.15 13.20 14.25 15.25 16.30 17.05 17.35 18.35 19.10 20.10
Maha Chai 06.23 07.27 07.58 08.39 09.28 10.36 11.39 13.10 14.15 15.22 16.27 17.26 18.02 18.36 19.30 20.04 21.00

Train timetable Maha Chai to Wongwian Yai

Station 4302 4310 4320 4340 4304 4312 4322 4342 4314 4324 4316 4306 4326 4344 4308 4328 4346
Maha Chai 04.30 05.20 05.55 06.25 07.00 08.00 09.35 10.40 11.45 13.15 14.25 15.25 16.00 16.30 17.35 18.10 19.00
Wongwian Yai 05.23 06.16 06.53 07.28 07.56 09.03 10.31 11.38 12.43 14.13 15.18 16.19 16.55 17.28 18.25 19.01 19.59

To check for any updated timetables:

we suggest you visit the State Railways of Thailand (SRT) official website here >

Contact telephone numbers for stations on this route:

  • the phone number of the Wongwian Yai train station is: 0-2465-2017
  • the phone number of the Maha Chai train station is: 0-3441-1003
  • the phone number of the Ban Laem train station is: 0-3449-8055

From Maha Chai to the famous “Mae Klong Market”

The Mae Klong Market (ตลาดแม่กลอง) also known as “Train Market” is famous all over the world.  

It is located in Samut Songkhram (สมุทรสงคราม).

It serves as a train station as well as a fresh food market! It sells fresh seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables…and operates as a train station!

Like in Maha Chai the stalls and products are right along the railway tracks which are actually used as the main walking alley. 

As a train approaches, it blows its horn a first time to signal its arrival but market vendors don’t clear the way before the last minute and the second horn. 

It is quite exciting and scary to see the train entering the market and moving so close to people and the market stalls.

From Maha Chai you can take a boat (around 3 - 5THB) to cross the Tha Chin River (แม่น้ำท่าจีน) to Ban Laem Train Station (สถานีบ้านแหลม). 

From there you can board a train for the Mae Klong Train Station (สถานีแม่กลอง). 

The journey takes around 1 hour.

The ticket fare on the Ban Laem - Mae Klong line goes according to the travelled distance: 3 THB – 5 THB – 6 THB – 8 THB – 9 THB – 10 THB

A train ticket from Ban Laem to Mae Klong costs 10 THB.

To see the latest train timetables from Ban Laem to Maeklong click here >

ticket inspector checking ticketsTicket inspector checking tickets

Minibus from Bangkok to Mae Klong

Be aware that there are many minibus services running in between Bangkok and Mae Klong. 

photo of the sign for the Mae Klong van-service from Victory MonumentSign for the Mae Klong van-service from Victory Monument

It is a faster way to travel so you might choose to go to Mae Klong by train and come back by minibus / van.

You can catch a minibus to Mae Klong from the following places in Bangkok :

Photo of Victory Monument in BangkokVictory Monument in Bangkok

  • from Victory Monument (อนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ) - (Now moved to MorChit / Mo Chit Bus Terminal)
  • from the Southern Bus Terminal: Sai Tai Mai (สายใต้ใหม่)
  • from the Phra Pinklao Lotus shopping centre (near Central Plaza Phra Pinklao เซ็นทรัลพลาซาปิ่นเกล้า )
  • from Chatuchack (จตุจักร) in front of the Northern Bus Terminal: Mo Chit (สถานีขนส่งหมอชิต)

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