KTM Train from Butterworth to Ipoh

The last of the Intercity train services from Butterworth to Ipoh has now been cancelled.

This is because the new ETS high-speed electric trains will now be the only long distance trains that operate on the new dual track in this part of Malaysia.

To see the ETS Train schedule from Butterworth to Ipoh click here>>>

Intercity Train Timetables Butterworth to Ipoh

Please Note : This service has been cancelled from the 9th May 2016.

Train Number/Name Departure Time Arrival Time
1 Ekspres Rakyat **** ****

View the full schedule below :

Train 1 Timetable

The new ETS high-speed train from Butterworth to Ipoh has now started operating.

There are a number of ETS Services you can catch from Butterworth to Ipoh.

For the Butterworth to Ipoh ETS Schedule click here>>>

Ticket Prices

The Ekspres Rakyat is an all seat only train and costs :

1st class air-conditioned seat : Adult 36MYR - Child 22MYR
2nd class air-conditioned seat : Adult 21MYR - Child 15MYR

Tickets for the new ETS Trains will cost :

ETS Gold Service : Adult 33 MYR  - Children 21 MYR

ETS Silver Service : Adult 23 MYR  - Children 16 MYR

Buying Tickets for the Train from Butterworth to Ipoh

If you are staying on Penang island there is no need to go to the railway station over in Butterworth, as Penang has its own KTM ticket office in George Town which is easy to get to as nearly all buses will end up at the Jetty.

The office is located along the walkway up to the ferry which leaves from the jetty to Butterworth.

Alternatively you can book tickets online from our ticket booking page here>>>

If you are just searching to see if there are any seats available you can also do this on the KTM website for departures today and the next six days.

Click here for more information and a link to the website>>>

Ipoh Hotels page>>>

George Town Penang Hotels page>>>

Butterworth Trains main page>>>

Ipoh Trains main page>>>

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