KTM ETS Butterworth to Ipoh
Schedule (Jadual) and Fares

The new ETS Butterworth to Ipoh high-speed Electric Train Service started operations from July 2015.

The new ETS Trains are now the fastest way to travel from Penang to Ipoh taking less than two hours to make the trip.

ETS Butterworth to Ipoh Train Timetable


New ETS Timetable valid from the 11th of October 2019.

To see the full new ETS schedule for southbound trains click here >

New Butterworth to Ipoh ETS Schedule from the 16th of July 2019:

If you wish to travel in the opposite direction from Ipoh to Butterworth by ETS Train:

Click here for the ETS timetables from Ipoh to Butterworth >

Train Number Departs Butterworth Arrives Ipoh Operating Days
EG 9121 05:15 06:55 All
EP 9103 06:05 07:45 All
EG 9321 07:30 09:10 All
EP 9105 13:10 14:50 All
EP 9107 16:00 17:40 All
EG 9123 18.33 20.13 All

Notes for the above timetable:

(EP) = ETS Platinum Service.
(EG) = ETS Gold Service.

From the 19th May 2016, there are now no KTM Intercity Trains that operate on the Butterworth to Ipoh route.

Full Timetables:

If you wish to see the full schedule with all the stops on this route, please see the following timetable page on our site :

ETS Train Timetable Southbound >

For information about Ipoh Train Station click here >

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Ticket Prices / Fares

Fares for the ETS train from Butterworth to Ipoh cost:

Platinum Service ETS trains cost:

Adult: 42 MYR - Child 25 MYR

Gold Service ETS trains cost:

Adult: 33 MYR - Child 21 MYR

Silver Service Fares (currently no longer available on this route):

Adult 23 MYR - Child 16 MYR

For more ticket prices on this route, please see our:

Butterworth ETS fares page here >

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Buying Tickets

You can purchase your tickets at the station or at the KTM Ticket Office located at Penang Jetty (on the walkway up to the Penang to Butterworth Ferry).

If you wish to book in advance, it is easier and sometimes cheaper to book your tickets through an online agent, rather than use the KTMB booking website.

Once you reach Ipoh, you have the choice of many of the older ETS Trains that operate between Ipoh and KL Sentral Railway Station in Kuala Lumpur.

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