How to Travel from Don Muang Airport
to Bangkok City Centre

On this page you will find the best ways to travel from Don Muang Airport to Bangkok city with transport by train, local bus, minivan or taxi.

If you are landing at Don Muang Airport (DMK) in Bangkok, you might be wondering how to get to the city centre.

Here is a quick guide of the travel options from Don Muang Airport - DMK to Bangkok city centre that are available to you.

photo of Don Muang passport control
photo from inside Don Muang terminal 1

By Bus from Don Muang Airport - DMK to Bangkok

Public buses:

There is a bus stop on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road which is served by many lines, among which are the following ones: 29, 59, 95ก, 187, 510, 538, 554 and 555.

Vibhavadi Rangsit Road is the road in front of the airport, it is separated from the terminal by a wall.

To get to the road and the bus stop:

- take the pedestrian bridge that links the International Terminal 1 to the Don Muang Train Station and Amari Don Muang Hotel on Level 2.

Photo from inside the foot bridgeInside the foot bridge

- exit on the road through the staircase (first door on your right).

The staircase down to the bus stopThe staircase down to the bus stop

- walk for approximately 100 metres to reach the bus stop.

Bus stop outside DMK airportBus stop outside DMK

Detailed Bus lines from Don Muang: 

- Bus 29 = Laksi - Mo Chit - Victory Monument - Sam Yan - Bangkok Hua Lamphong Train Station.

bus 29 to Hualamphong stationBus 29 to Hualamphong station

- Bus 59 = Bangkhen - Kasetsart University - Central Lat Phrao - Chatuchak - Saphan Khwai - Victory Monument - Ratchadamnoen Avenue (Khoasan Road) - Sanam Luang

bus 59 to Sanamluang near Khaosan RoadBus 59 to Sanamluang near Khaosan Road

- Bus 95ก = Bangkapi

bus 95 to BangkapiBus 95 to Bangkapi

- Bus 187 = Din Daeng - Ratwiti - Victory Monument -Charoen Krung - Thanam Sipraya

- Bus 510 = Laksi - Mo Chit - Saphan Khwai - Victory Monument

bus 510 to Victory MonumentBus 510 to Victory Monument

- Bus 538 = Din Daeng - Victory Monument - Rama Hospital

- Bus 554 = Laksi - Ramintra - Suvarnabhumi Airport

- Bus 555 = Laksi - Horwang - Din Daeng - Phra Ram 9 - Suvarnabhumi Airport

There is also a Free Shuttle Bus connecting Don Muang (DMK) and Suvarnabhumi (BKK) airports.

Sign for the free shuttle bus to SuvarnabhumiSign for the free shuttle bus to Suvarnabhumi

To know more about this service and about how to get from DMK airport to BKK airport click here >

Non-air-con buses charge a flat rate (6.50 THB or 8 THB), whereas the Air-con buses charge according to the distance travelled (from 11 to 24 THB).

Air-con buses 554 and 555 don't follow the normal fare system and cost around 35 THB to connect Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi.

To know more about the Bangkok Bus system: fares, types of here >

NB: Have a close look at the bus lines written on the bus stop.

bus stop sign outside Don MuangBus stop sign outside Don Muang

The buses 95, 18, 10 and 50 don't stop here! Like very often in Bangkok, some numbers and letters are missing and it should read: : 95ก, 187, 510, 504!

Note also that not all the bus lines that serve this stop are written on the stop!

Shuttle Bus:

The shuttle bus A1 runs in between DMK airport and Mo Chit.

bus A1 to MochitBus A1 to Mochit

The bus stops near the BTS (Sky Train) Mo Chit Station and near the MRT (Subway) Chatuchak Park Station.

The A1 bus stop is located outside Gate 6 of the International Terminal 1 on Level 1.

The bus runs everyday from 07.30 to Midnight and leaves every 15 minutes.

A ticket costs 30 THB.

To know more about the BTS (Sky Train) line and the MRT (subway) line go to:

There is a sign that advises people who want to go to from Don Muang Airport to Khaosan Road which says:

1st - Take the shuttle bus to Mo Chit

2nd - From there board one the many buses that are heading to Khaosan area: 3, 59, 503, 509 etc...

sign for the shuttle to MochitSign for the shuttle to Mochit

Although it is not a bad piece of advice, you should notice that bus 59 can be boarded directly from the airport on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road!

Once in Mo Chit if you are going to the Sukhumvit area, Siam area or Silom area, take the BTS or the MRT.

Limo Bus:

There is now a new Limo Bus that can take you directly from DMK Airport to Khao San Road.

For more information and to book your tickets:

Visit our bus booking page here >

Minibus / Van:

minibus to Victory MonumentMinibus to Victory Monument

It is also possible to take a minibus to go to Bangkok.

There are many different lines and you can board, one of them at the bus stop on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road.

The problem is that the travelled routes and the destinations of these minibuses are almost exclusively written in Thai (on the windscreens and the sides of the vans).

As a consequence, very few foreigners use them, although it represents an inexpensive and fast way of reaching Bangkok.

minibus services with the destination written in ThaiMinibus services with the destination written in Thai only

A minibus from Don Muang to Victory Monument costs around 30 THB.

If you want to use one of them, don't be shy and just ask a Thai person at the bus stop to guide you.
NB: Most of the buses that can be boarded on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road will go through or stop at Victory Monument which is a big intersection and a major hub in Bangkok.

There is a BTS Sky Train Station at Victory Monument and many bus lines or minibus to places like Pattaya, Hua Hin, Cha Am, Rayong and Ayutthaya use this intersection as their station of origin or as their terminal station.

photo of Victory Monument in BangkokVictory Monument in Bangkok
photo of a BTS Sky Train in BangkokBTS Sky Train in Bangkok

To know more about the BTS (Sky Train) line and the MRT (subway) line go to:

Don Muang Airport to Bangkok by Taxi

The Metered Taxi stand is located at Gate 8 of the International Terminal 1, on Level 1.

taxi stand sign at gate 8Taxi stand sign at gate
taxi drivers waiting at gate 8Taxi drivers waiting at gate 8

A Metered Taxi fare from Don Muang Airport to Bangkok costs around 150 - 200 THB or more depending on your destination.

To the Taxi Fare you will have to add:
- Airport Taxi surcharge = 50 THB
- Toll way fare (if you choose to use it) = 60 THB
- Expressway fare (if you choose to use it) = 50 THB

To book a taxi from DMK Airport online click here >>>

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taxi sign at dmk airportTaxi sign at DMK airport

Our piece of advice is to board a taxi on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, just by the staircase that connects the pedestrian bridge and the road.

This way you won't have to pay the Airport surcharge of 50 THB!

There are always taxis stationed by the staircase waiting for customers.

boarding a taxi from the road in front of the airportBoarding a taxi from the road in front of the airport

By Train from Don Muang to Bangkok

photo of Don Muang train stationThe train station at the airport

A cheap option to travel Don Muang Airport to Bangkok is to take a train from the the airport train station to the Bangkok terminal train station (known as Hua Lamphong or the old Bangkok train station).

The station is located right outside the airport and can be reached by taking the pedestrian bridge that links the airport to the train station at the International Terminal 1 on Level 2.

For more information on this option please see the following pages on our site:

For information on Don Muang Train Station click here >

To see the train timetables between the Don Muang Airport to Bangkok click here >

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