ETS Business Class Schedule  (Jadual) ETS2
Northbound Trains

From October 2019, KTM has introduced a new ETS Business Class carriage on a few of the Platinum services that operate with new ETS2 trains:

One from KL Sentral to Padang Besar.

One from KL Sentral to Butterworth (Penang Sentral).

One from Gemas to Butterworth (Penang Sentral).

Below you will see the latest timetable for these new KTM Business Class ETS2 Services.

ETS Business Class Timetable from KL to Padang Besar

(Jadual Waktu Kelas Perniagaan ETS dari KL ke Padang Besar)

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Movement Control Order (MCO / CMCO / RMCO) - (PKP / PKPB / PKPP) 2021 - 2022

KTM has a temporary ETS service for 2021 until the 14th January 2022. Then a new ETS timetable from the 15th of January 2022.

Temporary ETS Timetables (Jadual / 时间表) from 8th November 2021 to the 14/01/2022 + New ETS Timetables from 15/01/2022


New ETS2 train timetable from KL Sentral to Padang Besar:

Jadual waktu kereta api ETS2 baru dari KL Sentral ke Padang Besar:

Please note: Due to Covid 19, KTMB is currently operating a reduced schedule - you can see the latest full ETS timetable for 2022 here >

Train No EP 9274
Operating Days All
KL Sentral 09:20
Kuala Lumpur (Old) 09:26
Kampar 11:20
Batu Gajah 11:33
Ipoh 11:48
Kuala Kangsar 12:17
Taiping 12:33
Sungai Petani 13:38
Alor Setar 14:07
Arau 14:28
Padang Besar 14:45

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ETS Business Class Schedule from Gemas / KL to Butterworth

(Jadual Kelas Perniagaan ETS dari Gemas / KL ke Butterworth)

New ETS2 train timetable from Gemas / KL Sentral to Penang Sentral (Butterworth):

Jadual waktu kereta api ETS2 baru dari Gemas / KL Sentral ke Penang Sentral (Butterworth):

Please note: Due to Covid 19, KTMB is currently operating a reduced schedule - you can see the latest full ETS timetable for 2022 here >

Train No EP 9172 EP 9372
Operating Days All All
Gemas - 15:10
Batang Melaka - 15:29
Tampin/Pulau Sebang - 15:44
Seremban - 16:16
Kajang - 16:59
Bandar Tasik Selatan (TBS Bus Terminal) - 17:14
KL Sentral 08:10 17:33
Kuala Lumpur (Old) 08:17 17:39
Kampar 10:11 19:33
Batu Gajah 10:24 19:46
Ipoh 10:39 20:01
Kuala Kangsar 11:08 20:30
Taiping 11:24 20:46
Bukit Mertajam 12:10 21:32
Butterworth Penang 12:21 21:42

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All trains with Business Class carriages are ETS Platinum Services.

The Business Class carriage is Coach A and has a total of 36 rotatable seats arranged in 12 rows of one single seat (seat A) plus one pair of seats (Seats B and C).

Seats in Business Class are wider and more comfortable than in the normal carriages and feature a fold out tray and a fold out on demand entertainment system and free Wifi.

The Business Class coach will also has its own steward or stewardess who will serve you complimentary drinks and a meal during your journey.

Buy Business Class ETS Tickets

(Beli Tiket ETS Kelas Perniagaan)

As with all other ETS train tickets, you should book your seats as far in advance as you can.

The easiest way to do that is to book tickets online >

If you don't want to book your ETS2 tickets online, you can visit any KTM ticking counter at any ETS station and buy your ETS Business Class tickets over the counter in person.

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