Hat Yai Phatthalung Train Timetable (Jadual) and Fare

Travel between Hat Yai and Phatthalung by train is easily the best route to take, as the railway stations in both places are very close to the centre of the city and an easy walk to your accommodation.

If you are thinking about travelling by bus, you will have to take a taxi or local transport out to the bus stations, which are 3-4 km from the centre of Hat Yai and around 7 km from the centre of Phatthalung (along the main highway).

Waiting for the early morning train from Phatthalung to Hatyai to departWaiting for the early morning train from Phatthalung to Hatyai to depart

Timetable for Trains from Hat Yai to Phatthalung

(Jadual Waktu untuk Keretapi dari Hatyai ke Phatthalung)

Timetable for Trains from Phatthalung to Hat Yai

(Jadual Waktu untuk Keretapi dari Phatthalung ke Hatyai)

Food vendors at Hat Yai Junction stationFood vendors at Hat Yai Junction station

Ticket Prices for the Hat Yai Phatthalung Train

(Harga Tiket untuk Kereta Api Hat Yai Phatthalung)

As this is a relatively short train journey (a distance of 83 km from Hat Yai to Phatthalung), it is best to travel on either the very cheap Ordinary or the Rapid trains, so that you avoid the expensive extra fees on the Special Express services.

Fares for all the Ordinary services are just 18 Baht for adults, 9 Baht for children.

There are only 3rd class seat carriages (fan cooled) on these services and they do tend to take most of the delays, so you may want to pay a little extra for a Rapid train, which is more likely to run on time. 

If you are travelling from Hat Yai, the best of these ordinary services to catch is the early morning 446, as this service originates in Hat Yai Junction, so should leave on time.

3rd Class hard seats on an Ordinary train Hat Yai - Phatthalung3rd Class hard seats on an Ordinary train Hat Yai - Phatthalung

Fares for the Rapid services are just 30 Baht more at 48 Baht (adult) and 39 Baht (child) for 3rd class fan seats.

3rd Class cushioned seats on a Hat Yai - Phatthalung train3rd Class cushioned seats on a Hat Yai - Phatthalung train

You also have the choice of a slightly more comfortable 2nd class fan seats, costing 71 Baht (adult) and 51 Baht (child).

2nd Class fan seats on a train from Hat Yai to Phatthalung2nd Class fan seats on a train from Hat Yai to Phatthalung

Much more expensive are the Special Express services, as these trains have fixed fees, no matter the distance travelled.

Train numbers 37/38 has 2nd and 3rd class fan seats available and cost:

2nd Class: Adult 231 THB / Child 211 THB
3rd Class: Adult 208 THB / Child 199 THB

Train numbers 35/36 are best avoided as they have only 1st and 2nd class A/C sleeper seats on this service and will cost a minimum of 511 Baht for the cheapest seat.

The same applies to trains 41/42 which are the fast 2nd class A/C seat only services and are expensive on very short trips.

Tickets on these services will cost you: Adult 351 THB - Child 331 THB

For information on the railway station in Hat Yai, click on the picture link below:

Bus from Hat Yai to Phatthalung

(Bas dari Hat Yai ke Phatthalung)

Although it is possible to travel by bus from Hat Yai bus terminal to Phatthalung, we would not recommend it because:

The bus station in Hat Yai is quite far from the city centre (3 - 4 km).

The bus station in Phatthalung is really far from the town centre (7 km) located off the main highway to Bangkok.

By the time you travel to/from the bus station and add up all the cost - it is really not worth thinking about taking a bus.

The train will work out much cheaper and you can walk to most accommodation in town is just a few minutes.

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