KTM Komuter Ipoh to Bagan Serai Train Timetable (Jadual) - Price

Taking the cheap KTM Komuter Ipoh to Bagan Serai is the best train to take on this fairly short journey, with regular departures compared to the much more expensive and less frequent ETS trains that also operate on this route.

Now that the Northern Commuter (Komuter Utara) route has been extended to Ipoh, there are many more departures a day to Bagan Serai from Ipoh.

The KTM Komuter trains start operating in the early hours of the morning and run at fairly regular intervals until the last train in the early evening.

Ipoh to Bagan Serai KTM Komuter Timetable

(Jadual KTM Komuter Ipoh ke Bagan Serai)

To see the latest KTM Komuter Utara train schedule on the route to Bagan Serai from Ipoh, click the timetable link below:

To see the KTM Komuter train schedule in the other direction from Bagan Serai to Ipoh click here >

These cheap KTMB commuter trains are scheduled to take approximately one hour and 17 minutes to travel from KTM Ipoh railway station to KTM Bagan Serai railway station, stopping at the following stations along the route:

Sungai Siput - Kuala Kangsar - Padang Rengas - Taiping - Kamunting - Bagan Serai.

KTM Komuter Ipoh to Bagan Serai Train Ticket Price

(Harga Tiket KTM Komuter Ipoh ke Bagan Serai)

To see the ticket prices for KTM Komuter Utara train services operating on the route from Ipoh to Bagan Serai, click on the fares table below:

Buying Tickets for Komuter Trains to Bagan Serai from Ipoh

Train ticket for this KTM Komuter service are avaiable to buy from the ticket office at Ipoh Railway Station.

Komuter train tickets are only sold on the day of departure (unlike ETS train tickets which can and should be bought in advance).

Ipoh railway station can get very busy, so allow plenty of time before your train departs to buy your tickets.

Seats on a KTM Komuter train from Ipoh to Bagan SeraiSeats on a KTM Komuter train from Ipoh to Bagan Serai

Unlike ETS trains where you get a reserved seat with your ticket, on KTM Komuter trains seats are available to those who get there first.

As this train originates in Ipoh, you should be able to get a seat most of the time.

If not, you will have to stand in the central aisle until a seat becomes available.

If you are interested in taking one of more expensive and more comfortable ETS trains, you can see the latest ETS train schedule from Ipoh to Bagan Serai here.

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