Train 445 Timetable Thailand
Chumphon to Hat Yai

View the Ordinary Train 445 Timetable Thailand with the full schedule from Chumphon to Hat Yai in Songkhla province in Southern Thailand.

Train number 445 operates along the Southern Line in Thailand, between the town of Chumphon and Hat Yai Junction, close to the border with Malaysia.

This service comprises of only 3rd class fan seat coaches and as is classified as an "ordinary" or "rural train," stopping at nearly all the stations along its route, no matter how small.

These services are very cheap for tourists travelling on a small budget and are free for Thai citizens.

The whole trip from Chumphon to Hat Yai costs only 79 Thai Baht.

However, with the low price comes some drawbacks - they are very slow and often take the worst of any delays along the line.

Train 445 Timetable Thailand : Chumphon to Hat Yai

Station Departure time
Chumphon 06.30
Saeng Daet 06.35
Thung Kha 06.46
Wisai 06.56
Ban Khron 07.03
Sawi 07.09
Khao Suan Thurian 07.17
Khao Pip 07.22
Pak Tako 07.28
Tha Thong 07.35
Khuan Hin Mui 07.40
Lang Suan 07.48
Khlong Khanan 07.56
Hua Mat 08.03
Lamae 08.11
Ban Duat 08.18
Khan Thuli 08.25
Don Thup 08.30
Tha Chana 08.39
Ban Ko Muk 08.45
Khao Phanom Baek 08.51
Chaiya 09.01
Tha Chang 09.13
Khlong Khut 09.18
Maluan 09.30
Ban Thung Pho Junction 09.38
Surat Thani 09.46
Khao Hua Khwai 09.54
Bo Krang 10.01
Khao Phlu 10.07
Khlong Ya 10.14
Ban Na 10.20
Huai Mut 10.28
Na San 10.35
Khlong Prap 10.41
Phruphi 10.47
Ban Song 10.56
Ban Phru Krachaeng 11.04
Huai Prik 11.10
Krabiat 11.17
Thanpho 11.24
Chawang 11.31
Khlong Chan Di 11.38
Lak Chang 11.45
Khlong Kui 11.51
Na Bon 11.57
Khlong Chang 12.03
Ban Ko Pring 12.08
Thung Song Junction 12.19
Sai Yai 12.26
Chong Khao 12.35
Ron Phibun 12.45
Khao Chum Thong Junction 12.52
Khuan Nong Khwa 13.01
Ban Tun 13.08
Ban Tungkhai 13.17
Cha-uat 13.22
Nong Jik 13.28
Ban Nang Long 13.33
Ban Khon Hat 13.42
Laem Tanot 13.49
Ban Suntara 13.54
Pak Khlong 14.01
Ban Makok Tai 14.06
Chai Buri 14.11
Phatthalung 14.20
Na Pru 14.25
Ban Khai Thai 14.30
Ban Ton Don 14.35
Ban Huai Tan 14.40
Khao Chaison 14.47
Bang Kaeo 15.02
Khuan Phra 15.10
Khuan Khiam 15.17
Han Kong 15.23
Hanthao 15.32
Wat Khuan Phayer 15.40
Khok Sai 15.45
Khuan Niang 16.07
Ban Ko Yai 16.16
Bang Klam 16.35
Ban Din Lan 16.41
Hat Yai Junction 16.50

Seats :

You will often find two types of train carriages on this service, one has wooden seats that face each other, the other has padded seats that are lined up along the sides of the carriages. Both are cooled by fans in the ceilings and of course by the breeze as the train moves along.

3rd Class Wooden Seat Carriage3rd Class Wooden Seat Carriage
3rd Class Padded Seat Carriage3rd Class Padded Seat Carriage

Please note : Departure times in the schedule above may change without notice, so it is always best to check with the State Railways of Thailand (SRT) directly by either :

After arriving in Hat Yai you can continue by train to Malaysia or down to the south-eastern provinces of Thailand.

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