Ban Krut to Hua Hin Train Schedule and Fares

Taking the Ban Krut to Hua Hin train is an easy way to travel between these two beach resorts in Southern Thailand.

The railway station in Ban Krut is located in the small town, next to the market and is easily reach by 10 minutes walk from the main beach, or by motorbike taxi from resorts further away.

When you arrive in Hua Hin, the station is also located right in the centre of town, with many places to stay nearby. You will also find the main Hua Hin beach entrance straight down the road from the train station.

Train Schedule from Ban Krut to Hua Hin

To see the timetable in the other direction from Hua Hin to Ban Krut click here >

Train Depart Arrive Type More Info
170 01:30 04:03 Rap Info >
254 09:02 11:40 Ord Info >
40 14:20 15:58 Sp. Ex. DRC Info >
174 21:50 00:42 Rap Info >

All trains operate daily.

Timetable Notes:
Ord = Ordinary
Rap = Rapid
Sp. Ex. DRC = Special Express Diesel Railcar - (Sprinter Train)

Ticket Prices / Fares for the Ban Krut Train to Hua Hin

The Ordinary service to Hua Hin is easily the cheapest way to travel from Ban Krut to Hua Hin, with tickets costing just:

31 Baht for Adults - 16 Baht for Children in a 3rd Class fan cooled carriage.
70 Baht for Adults - 35 Baht for Children in a 2nd Class fan cooled carriage.

Rapid trains are a bit quicker and have a range of seating costing:

61 Baht for Adults - 46 Baht for Children in a 3rd Class fan cooled carriage.
100 Baht for Adults - 65 Baht for Children in a 2nd Class fan cooled carriage.

Seats on the Day and night carriages will already be made into beds for these night trains.
If you really want to lie down for a couple of hours, tickets cost:

from 230 Baht for Adults - from 195 Baht for Children in a 2nd Class fan cooled carriage.
from 360 Baht for Adults - from 325 Baht for Children in a 2nd Class air-conditioned carriage.

The fast Special Express DRC Sprinter train is a good option to choose if you want a (usually) more punctual departure and good seating, with 2nd Class air-conditioned coaches costing:

380 Baht for Adults - 345 Baht for Children.

Ticket prices on Sprinter trains in Thailand include a meal and drinks.

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Booking Train Tickets for the Ban Krut to Hua Hin Train

If you want travel on the very cheap Ordinary train to Hua Hin, you buy your tickets on the day of departure from the station. These trains can be a little busy at times, so finding a seat may not be that easy if all the carriages are full.

Rapid trains are also usually easy to get tickets for on the day of departure, but if you want a 2nd class Day and Night seat, book in advance.

If you want a seat on on DRC Special Express service, your best bet is to book your ticket in advance - just visit the station as soon as you know when you want to travel, or you can book online here >

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