KTMB E Ticket Online Booking
for ETS or Intercity Trains in Malaysia

If you want to book railway tickets in Malaysia, the KTMB E Ticket System is the online ticket booking facility from KTM Berhad (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad), Malaysia Railways, used on their website and by online ticket agents.

All KTMB railway services on the new Electric Train Services (ETS) can be booked online as well as the older Intercity Express Trains on the Jungle line, Gemas - JB Shuttle Services and Shuttle Trains between JB and Singapore.

Buy KTMB Train Tickets Direct from the KTM Website

(Beli Tiket Keretapi KTMB Terus dari Laman Web KTM)

Book Train Tickets at KTM >>>

If you want to book direct from Malaysia Railways website, the KTM e-booking system is not the easiest to use, but many people prefer booking direct and currently it is the cheapest way to book tickets online.

Booking E-Tickets through an online Ticket Agent

(Menempah E-Tiket melalui Ejen Tiket dalam talian)

Using a ticket agent is the simplest way to book your Malaysian Train Tickets online.

The booking process is straight forward and will save you time compared to booking via KTM.

There is no need to register for an account and tickets are sold at the same price as you would pay at the station / KTM website (an admin fee may apply).

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To view the full ETS Train Schedules, please see:

Once you have made your Malaysian train booking, just print out your ticket image, which will be sent to you by E-mail and take that along to the station with you.

You can book all trains from Singapore and within Peninsular Malaysia from JB Sentral station in the south, to as far as Padang Besar on the border with Thailand in the north (a new SRT Shuttle train to Hat Yai in Thailand is now in service - from there you can connect with Thai Railway services to Bangkok).

If you want to buy tickets for the International Express Train from Butterworth (now Padang Besar) to Bangkok in Thailand, you can only do this from Padang Besar as the Butterworth KTM ticket office is no longer selling tickets for this service.

This is because this service is not operated by KTMB but by the State Railways of Thailand (SRT).

If you want to buy advance train tickets from Padang Besar into Thailand, you can now do that online.

Click here to visit our Thai Railways booking page >

Booking via the KTMB E-Ticket System on the KTM Website

(Membuat tempahan melalui Sistem E-Tiket KTMB di Laman Web KTM)

If you want to book direct from the KTMB official website, they now have a new and improved website, but the booking process is still not very user friendly.

You no longer need an account to get in to the booking system which is a good thing.

The booking form is now on their homepage, but the selection process is still very complicated for those who do not have a great geographical knowledge of the country.

Selecting your origin and destination stations is still listed by state - so you have to know which state each station is in.

Then you have to select a date and time period (6 hours) for trains you want to book.

This is the most annoying part of the booking process.

If there are no trains in the 6 hour period that have seats left, you then have to hit your back button on your computer and start the whole process again.

Why they cannot show trains available for the whole day I do not know!

For more about booking train tickets at KTM and a direct lick to the booking platform click here >

If you want to book a KTMB E Ticket for Senior Citizens (Malaysians only), you can now book direct on the KTM website.

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