KTMB E Ticket Online Booking
for ETS or Intercity Trains in Malaysia

Use the KTMB E Ticket System to book your railway tickets in Malaysia online using an online train booking agent or directly from the Malaysian Railways website.

All KTMB railway services on the new Electric Train Services (ETS) can be booked online as well as most of the older Intercity Express Trains on the Jungle line, Gemas - JB Shuttle Services and Shuttle Trains between JB and Singapore.

Booking E Tickets through an online ticket agent or KTM

Using a ticket agent is the simplest way to book your Malaysian Train Tickets online.

There is no need to register for an account (as you have to do on the KTMB official website) and tickets are sold at the same price as you would pay at the station / KTM website (or sometimes cheaper).

Book Train Tickets at KTM >>>

If you want to book direct from Malaysia Railways website, the KTM e-booking system is not the easiest to use, but many people prefer booking direct.

Book Train Tickets at BOT (Busonlineticket) >>>

This train booking agent offers the easiest to use booking process, just select your desired train, then book (Senior Citizen KTM Tickets now available to book online).

To view the full ETS Train Schedules, please see :

ETS Timetables for trains from north to south >>>

ETS Timetables for trains from south to north >>>

Once you have made your Malaysian train booking, just print out your ticket image, which will be sent to you by E-mail and take that along to the station with you.

Using these booking agents, you can book all trains from Singapore and within Peninsular Malaysia from JB Sentral station in the south, to as far as Padang Besar on the border with Thailand in the north (a new SRT Shuttle train to Hat Yai in Thailand is now in service - from there you can connect with Thai Railway services to Bangkok).

If you want to buy tickets for the International Express Train from Butterworth (now Padang Besar) to Bangkok in Thailand, you can only do this from Padang Besar as the Butterworth KTM ticket office is no longer selling tickets for this service.

This is because this service is not operated by KTMB but by the State Railways of Thailand (SRT).

If you want to pre-book tickets from Padang Besar into Thailand, you can now do that online.

Click here to visit our Thai Railways booking page >>>

KTMB E Ticket System (E Tiket)

If you want to book direct from the KTMB official website, you will first have to register for an account.

Once you have done that, you can get into the booking system with your account Username and Password.

If you want to book tickets for Senior Citizens (Malaysians only), you can now use the either the KTM booking website or Busonlineticket.

For more about booking train tickets at KTM and a direct lick to the booking platform click here >>>

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