KTM Komuter Butterworth to Taiping
Train Timetable and Ticket Prices

Taking the KTM Komuter from Butterworth to Taiping is a much cheaper way to travel from Penang to Taiping than by the much more expensive ETS Electric Train Services and even cheaper than the bus.

Getting to Taiping by commuter train is not as straight forward as taking an ETS, as most of the time you have to do a quick change of trains at Bukit Mertajam Station.

How to Travel from Butterworth to Taiping by Komuter Train

If you want to take the cheap commuter train to Taiping from Butterworth there are just two direct trains a day.

At all other times, you will have to change trains at Bukit Mertajam where the two Komuter Utara routes (north commuter routes) join, with BM as the interchange station.

This is simple to do:

You first take the Padang Besar bound train from Butterworth to Bukit Mertajam (second stop - 10/11 minutes).

Disembark at BM.

Then change trains for the waiting BM to Padang Rengas commuter service which leaves 6 minutes after you arrive.

The whole duration of the trip is only one hour and 22 minutes for journeys where you have to change trains at BM, or one hour 16 minutes for the direct services.

Butterworth to Taiping Komuter Train Schedule (Jadual)

Latest commuter timetable for 2019:

For travel in the other direction click here for the Komuter Utara timetable from Taiping >

Departs BTW Arrives BM Departs BM Arrives TAI
05:25 05:36 05:42 06:47
07:00 direct direct 08:16
08:25 08:36 08:42 09:47
10:25 10:36 10:42 11:47
12:25 12:36 12:42 13:47
14:25 14:36 14:42 15:47
15:25 15:36 15:52 16:57
17:25 17:36 17:42 18:47
19:00 direct direct 20:16
21:25 21:36 21:42 22:47

Timetable abbreviations:
BTW = Butterworth
BM = Bukit Mertajam
TAI = Taiping

KTM Komuter Butterworth to Taiping Train Fares

As already mentioned, the ticket price from Butterworth to Taiping on the Komuter train is very cheap compared to other forms of transport.

Tickets cost just 7.50 MYR.

If you compare that to the ETS fares of 21 MYR (Gold) or 26 MYR (Platinum), you can see it is a good deal.

The difference is that on ETS services you get a reserved seat, there is no need to change trains and the journey is 20 to 25 minutes faster.

If you want to see the ETS schedule for the Butterworth to Taiping train click here >

Buying Tickets for Komuter Trains to Taiping

You only have to buy one ticket on the Komuter services (even if you take the two connecting train way).

Tickets are only sold on the day of travel from Butterworth Railway Station ticket counter.

No Komuter tickets are sold from the KTM office at the jetty in Georgetown.

For ETS trains to Taiping, you will have to make a reservation.

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