ETS Alor Setar to Johor Bahru JB Sentral KTM Train Schedule (Jadual)

The ETS Alor Setar to Johor Bahru train service will start running as soon as the electrified railway line has been completed on the last section of the track between Gemas and JB Sentral.

Until the line has been completed, you can still travel from Alor Setar to JB by train by taking an ETS service to Gemas, then changing onto one of the older diesel trains that run between Gemas and JB Sentral.

See the following timetables for more information:

ETS Train Schedule from Alor Setar to Johor Bahru

(Jadual ETS Alor Setar ke Johor Bahru)

Taking the fast Electric Train Service (ETS) to Gemas is the first part of the journey (see the following timetable).

 KTM Alor Setar to Gemas ETS train timetable:

You can see the latest full ETS timetable for 2024 here >

Latest ETS Train Timetable:

Train Number Departs Alor Setar Arrives Gemas Book Online
EG 9425 16:29 00:10 Book Tickets

At Gemas railway station, transfer to one of the diesel engine trains that travel into Johor state, terminating at JB Sentral Railway Station in Johor Bahru city (see the following timetable).

Latest KTM Timetable:

Train Number Departs Gemas Arrives JB Sentral Book Online
ES 41 02:00 06:25 Book Tickets
ERT 26 07:44 12:30 Book Tickets
ES 43 09:30 14:15 Book Tickets
ES 45 15:20 19:45 Book Tickets

If you final destination is Singapore, there is a short five minute Shuttle train service that departs from JB Sentral to Woodlands Railway Station in Singapore.

For information and departure times for the Shuttle train timetable from JB Sentral to Woodlands click here >

If you want to check train departure time, you can visit the official website by clicking here >

Booking Tickets for the ETS Alor Setar to Johor Bahru Train

Currently you will have to buy two separate train tickets to travel by train from Alor Setar to JB.

One for the ETS train.

One for the Shuttle train from Gemas to JB.

If you can, you should always book long-distance train trips in advance to make sure you can get a seat on the day you want to travel.

To book both train tickets in advance you can:

Go to any long-distance KTM railway station ticket counter and purchase them in person.

Or, much easier, book your KTM train tickets online >

Alternative Ways to Travel from Alor Setar to Johor Bahru

Usually cheaper, but more time consuming is to travel from Alor Setar to Johor Bahru by bus.

The Alor Setar long-distance bus station is located a few KM from the city centre and the best route to take (if there is no direct bus service at the time you want to travel) is to travel from here to TBS bus station in Kuala Lumpur.

At TBS you can then connect to regular departures to Larkin bus station in Johor Bahru.

To search for buses on any of these routes click here >

An alternative way would be to take a train to TBS bus station, then a bus.

Travelling this way the best route to take is to go by fast ETS train from Alor Setar to KL Sentral.

From KL Sentral you can then take a short, cheap KTM Komuter train to Bandar Tasik Selatan station (connected to TBS bus station).

From TBS you then take a bus to Larkin bus station in Johor Bahru.

Please note: The Alor Setar to Gemas train also stops at Bandar Tasik Selatan station - so you could use this train service to travel directly to TBS.

For information on the railway station in Alor Setar, click on the following picture link:

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