ETS Tanjung Malim to Ipoh
Train Timetables and Ticket Prices

The fast Electric Train Services - ETS Tanjung Malim to Ipoh, operates many times a day on the dedicated KL Sentral to Ipoh route, as well as a few other long distance services that continue on to Butterworth or Padang Besar.

The trip from Tg. Malim to Ipoh takes around one hour and a quarter, with most services on the ETS Gold Trains, with a few slightly slower, but cheaper Silver Services.

Tg. Malim to Ipoh ETS Train Timetable

(Jadual ETS Tanjung Malim ke Ipoh)

Movement Control Order (MCO / CMCO / RMCO) - (PKP / PKPB / PKPP) 2020

KTM have reduced ETS services temporarily from 14th October - 27th October 2020

Temporary ETS Timetables (Jadual / 时间表) from the 14th of October

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Latest Tg. Malim to Ipoh ETS Schedule:

Please note: Due to Covid 19, KTM is currently operating a reduced temporary schedule - to see the temporary ETS timetable click here >

Train Number Departs Tg Malim Arrives Ipoh Operating Days
EG 9222 08:25 09:37 All
EG 9022 10:09 11:23 All
EG 9420 11:59 13:11 All
EG 9024 12:50 14:04 All
EG 9026 13:39 14:53 All
EG 9028 16:14 17:28 All
EG 9030 17:39 18:53 All
EG 9032 20:19 21:33 All
EG 9126 21:18 22:30 All
EG 9034 21:54 23:08 All
ES 9052 23:02 00:17 All
EG 9128 23:34 00:46 All
EG 9226 00:02 01:14 All

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Train numbers starting with an EG are Gold Electric Train Services.

Train numbers starting with an ES are Silver Electric Train Services.

Train numbers starting with "90" operate on the KL Sentral to Ipoh route and are the easiest trains to obtain tickets for.

All other services are the long distance Intercity ETS services and getting tickets for these services can be more difficult, so try to go for one of the "90" trains if you can.

Platinum ETS services do not currently stop at TM.

ETS Tanjung Malim to Ipoh Ticket Prices / Fares

(Tambang / Harga Tiket ETS Tanjung Malim ke Ipoh)

The infrequent Silver services are cheaper then the much more frequent Gold services.

Silver services cost: Adult Fare 18 MYR - Child Fare 13 MYR.

Gold services cost: Adult Fare 25 MYR - Child  Fare 17 MYR.

Please note: with the introduction of KTM Flexi Fares, the prices shown above will vary depending on a number of factors, such as how far in advance you book your tickets (it is now cheaper if you book tickets far in advance and more expensive if you leave your booking until the last minute).

For more information about these KTM Flexi Fares:

See our Ipoh ETS fares page here >

Buy KTM Train Tickets from Tanjung Malim to Ipoh

(Beli Tiket Keretapi KTM dari Tanjung Malim ke Ipoh)

Like all Electric Train Services you will need to book a seat.

If there are any seats available on the day, you can book tickets just before the departure,

However, trains in Malaysia can often operate full, especially at weekends and holiday periods, so it is alway best to make an advance booking.

Tickets can be available up to a couple of months in advance, but the booking period varies depending on when KTM decide to release the tickets.

To book your seats in advance you can either visit any KTM railway station ticket counter, or much more simply, you can book tickets in advance online directly from KTM or from an online ticketing agent.

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