ETS Gold Class Train Services

ETS Gold Class Trains are the most frequent of all the new express Electric Train Services that operate between Padang Besar on the border with Thailand to the north and Gemas in the south.

The line south of Gemas is currently being upgraded (completion is possibly due in late 2024) and you will at the moment have to change on to a Shuttle train at Gemas if you want to travel further south to Johor state, JB Sentral or Singapore.

If you are going to be travelling by train along the west coast line of Malaysia, chances are you will be using a Gold Class Train.

The Gold services are not as fast as the the Platinum Class Trains as they stop at more stations along the route.

If you want to learn about the other ETS Train classes, see the following pages:

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Gold Class ETS Trains

Gold Class services are very much like the Platinum Class services as they use the new Class 93 Trains from China that can travel at speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour - just under 100 miles per hour (they usually travel at around 140 km/h in service).

When you buy your tickets for these train, the ticket will give you a coach number and a seat number.

Gold trains usually operate with six coaches / carriages.

They are labelled A, B, C, D, E and F.

To see a seating plan for an ETS Gold service:

See one of our Gold timetable pages where you will find a seating plan at the bottom of the page >

Each coach can have up to 58 seats.

Most seats are arranged two by two, separated by an aisle, with some seats at the end of each coach set in blocks of four, with a table separating them (see the picture below).

Seats numbers are given in rows numbered from 1 upwards and a letter a, b, c or d.

Seats a and d are window seats.

Seats b and c are aisle seats.

Coach C has less seats as this is the food and beverage car (buffet car) located at one end of the carriage. Here they serve an good selection of snacks, meals and hot and cold soft drinks. There s also a prayer room in this coach.

Onboard toilets can be found in coaches B and E, with a disabled toilet in coach D.

Seats and table on ETS Gold Class TrainsSeats and table on ETS Gold Class Trains
Gold Class ETS Train SeatsGold Class ETS Train Seats

ETS Gold Train Schedues

These trains run on all routes and you can see the full timetables with all the stops on the following pages:

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Booking Gold Class ETS Train Tickets

Like all long distance trains in Malaysia, it is highly recommended that you book your tickets as far in advance as possible as trains can often operate full at any time of the year.

You can book your seats at any KTMB ticket counter, at any mainline station, usually up to 60 days in advance.

If you are not in Malaysia or would rather not have the hassle of travelling out to a station, you can easily book tickets online.

For more about book online click here >

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