ETS Tapah Road to Ipoh Train Schedule (Jadual KTM)

If you want to travel on the ETS Tapah Road to Ipoh KTM train, there are many services a day operating on this route to choose from.

All ETS Gold and Silver services heading to Ipoh stop at Tapah to pick up passengers.

The ETS Platinum services current do not stop at Tapah.

The duration of the train journey from Tapah Road to Ipoh is only about 36 minutes and there are only a couple of stops before you arrive at Ipoh Railway Station (the trains stop at Kampar and Batu Gajah).

Tapah Road to Ipoh ETS Train Timetable


New ETS Timetable valid from the 26th of June 2020.

To see the full new ETS schedule for all northbound trains click here >

Movement Control Order (MCO / CMCO / RMCO) - (PKP / PKPB / PKPP) 2020

KTM are operating a reduced ETS train schedule during this period.

New RMCO ETS Timetables (Jadual / 时间表) from the 2020-06-26 (26th June 2020)

Latest new Tapah to Ipoh ETS train timetable from 1st of December 2019 into 2020

To view the ETS timetable in the opposite direction from Ipoh to Tapah Rd click here >

The timetable below shows the ETS schedule in operation before the MCO period.

To see the latest new ETS schedules published by KTMB during the RMCO click here >

Train Number Departs Tapah Road Arrives Ipoh Operating Days
EG 9222 09:17 09:53 All
EG 9022 11:05 11:41 All
EG 9420 12:32 13:08 All
EG 9024 12:57 13:33 All
EG 9026 14:20 14:56 All
EG 9028 17:15 17:51 All
EG 9030 18:08 18:44 All
EG 9322 19:42 20:19 All
EG 9032 21:51 22:27 All
EG 9034 22:57 23:33 All
ES 9052 23:56 00:32 All
EG 9122 00:31 01:07 All
EG 9224 00:52 01:28 All

For information about Ipoh Railway Station click here >

Timetable notes:

Train numbers starting with an ES are ETS Silver services.

Train numbers starting with an EG are ETS Gold services.

ETS Ticket Prices to Ipoh (Harga Tiket ETS ke Ipoh)

To see the latest ETS train ticket prices from Tapah to Ipoh, please see:

Our Ipoh ETS train fares page here >

Booking Tickets for the ETS Tapah Road to Ipoh Train

Even though this is a fairly short train journey, you should always make an advance booking when travelling on ETS trains in Malaysia.

Each passenger needs to reserve a seat to travel on an ETS service (no standing passengers are allowed).

To make a booking you have a choice of either:

Visiting any ETS railway stations ticketing counter to buy your tickets in person.

Booking tickets online directly from the KTMB official website or by using an online agent.

To make a booking for ETS train tickets online click here >

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