KTM Johor Bahru Kota Bharu Train - JB to Kelantan Time, Fare 2024

Travelling by KTM train between Johor Bahru and Kota Bharu in Kelantan in the north-east of Peninsular Malaysia takes you on a scenic journey along Malaysia's famous "Jungle Railway" through mountains and ancient rain forests.

There is however currently just one daily train that travels all of this route and that travels overnight offering a comfortable sleeper service.

If you want to take in all the sights you currently have to take the slower shuttle services, but due to long term maintenance on this route, the timetable seems to always be changing!

Train to Kota BharuKTM Train to Kota Bharu

Wakaf Bharu is the closest railway station to Kota Bharu, just a few kilometres outside of town and easily reached by a regular, cheap bus service.

Of course, you don't have to make this whole trip in on go and there are plenty of places for you to stop and visit along the way, with other daily shuttle services stopping at nearly every station that you can jump on and off as you go (see the timetable links below).

KTM Train Timetable from JB Sentral to Wakaf Bharu / Kota Bharu

(Jadual Waktu Keretapi KTM dari JB Sentral ke Wakaf Bharu / Kota Bharu)

JB to Kelantan (Wakaf Bharu) train schedule valid for 2024.

Train Number Departs JB Sentral Arrives Wakaf Bahru Book Online
ERT 26 Ekspres Rakyat Timuran 20:25 12:37 Book Tickets

KTM Train Schedule from Wakaf Bharu to JB Sentral

(Jadual Keretapi KTM dari Wakaf Bharu ke JB Sentral)

New Wakaf Bharu Kelantan to JB Sentral train schedule for 2024:

Train Number Departs Wakaf Bharu Arrives JB Sentral Book Online
ERT 27 Ekspres Rakyat Timuran 20:47 12:30 Book Tickets

Johor to Kelantan (Wakaf Bharu) Train Ticket Price

(Harga Tiket Kereta Api Johor ke Kelantan - Wakaf Bharu)

Fares shown below are for one-way tickets and apply to travel in either direction to/from JB Sentral.

Trains 26 / 27 have:

2nd class A/C Sleepers costing:
Upper Berth - Adult 49 MYR, Child 32 MYR
Lower Berth - Adult 55 MYR, Child 38 MYR

Second class A/C seats cost - Adult 43 MYR, Child 26 MYR

Sleeper carriage to KelantanSleeper carriage to on a KTM train to Kelantan - Kota Bharu

Booking Tickets for the Johor Bahru Kota Bharu Train

Tickets for the above train services can be made at any main KTM Berhad mainline train station in Peninsular Malaysia or:

online at the KTM website or through an online ticketing agent >

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