KTM Johor Bahru Melaka Train Times and Fares

Travel between Johor Bahru and Melaka (Malacca) on the KTM Johor Bahru Melaka Train, requires you to travel to the nearest station to Melaka, Tampin (also called Pulau Sebang), then continue your journey by taxi or local public bus.

From the 19th May 2016 and the cancellation of all long distance diesel Intercity Express Trains on the North - South Line north of Gemas, you will now have to take a Shuttle Train from JB Sentral to Gemas, then an ETS Train from Gemas to Tampin.

Travelling by train from JB Sentral Train Station to Melaka is an interesting way to go, but to be honest, at the moment you are much better off catching a direct bus from Johor Bahru to Melaka Sentral Bus Station.

For bus times and fares see our online bus booking page here>>>

***Update :

From 1st February 2017, the KTM Schedule is changing again.

From this date the one remain Shuttle train from JB to Tampin will be terminating at Gemas - So you will now have to take an ETS Train to Tampin from Gemas.

Please see our Timetables page here for departure times for the new Shuttle Trains >>>

For the ETS Trains from Gemas click here>>>

Times of Trains from Johor Bahru to Melaka (Tampin)

Timetable from 10th October 2015 :

Train Number/Name Departure Time Arrival Time
2 Ekspres Rakyat **.** **.**
20 Ekspres Peninsular **.** **.**
24 Senandung Sutera **.** **.**

Please Note :

Train 2 has been cancelled from 9th May 2016.

Trains 20 / 24 as been cancelled from 19th May 2016.

Trains depart Daily

Full Timetables :

Train 2 Timetable

Train 20 Timetable

Train 24 Timetable

Times of Trains from Tampin to JB Sentral (Johor Bahru)

Timetable from 10th October 2015 :

Train Number/Name Departure Time Arrival Time
25 Senandung Sutera **.** **.**
21 Ekspres Peninsular **.** **.**
1 Ekspres Rakyat **.** **.**

Trains depart Daily

Please Note :

Train 1 has been cancelled from 9th May 2016.

Trains 21 / 25 has been cancelled from 19th May 2016.

Full Timetables :

Train Number 25

Train Number 21

Train Number 1

Fares for the Johor Bahru Melaka Train

Tickets for these train services are as follows :

1st class seats cost : Adult 46MYR - Child 27MYR

2nd class seats cost : Adult 25MYR - Child 17MYR

The night trains have sleeper beds available and cost :

2nd class sleeper coaches :
Upper Berth : Adult 31MYR - Child 23MYR
Lower Berth : Adult 37MYR - Child 29MYR

Fares are one-way tickets in either direction.

All carriages on the trains are air-conditioned.

Booking Tickets

Advance tickets can be bought from any main station within Malaysia or you can make a booking

online from our online train booking page here>>>

If you want to buy a last minute ticket or in the next week, we suggest you use KTM's seat availability page to check to see if there are any seats left before travelling off to the station.

How to get from Tampin Train Station to Melaka

On arrival in Tampin Station you will be met by many taxi / minivan drivers hoping to take you off to Melaka.

The distance to the centre of Melaka from Tampin is a little under 40 kilometres and a taxi should cost around 35 to 40 Ringgit, depending on your bargaining skills.

If you want to travel by public bus for under 5 Ringgit, then you will have to walk around one kilometre to the bus station in the centre of town.

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