KTM Sungai Buloh to KL Sentral
Komuter Train Timetable and Fares

Travel on the KTM Sungai Buloh to KL Sentral Komuter Train is the quickest way to get to the centre of the capital, with regular trains taking just over half an hour to reach Kuala Lumpur's main transport hub.

KTM Sungai Buloh to KL Sentral Komuter Timetable (Jadual)

New Komuter timetable valid from the 3rd of February 2018 :

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Departs Sungai Buloh Arrives KL Sentral
06:17 06:50
06:47 07:20
07:25 07:58
07:49 08:27
08:20 08:57
08:51 09:28
09:16 09:56
09:52 10:33
10:29 11:03
10:53 11:32
11:28 12:09
11:54 12:30
12:25 12:58
13:01 13:34
13:26 14:00
14:04 14:37
14:30 15:03
15:21 16:03
15:42 16:25
16:20 17:03
17:09 17:51
17:33 18:16
18:03 18:47
18:33 19:18
19:16 20:02
19:49 20:39
20:22 21:03
21:01 21:34
21:44 22:27
22:18 22:54

ETS Train from Sg. Buloh to KL Sentral

There are just a few ETS Train services that stop at Sg. Buloh Railway Station on their way to KL Sentral.

They are more expensive, but if you want to reserve a seat (not available on Komuter trains), they are the only trains you can do that on.

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With the new ETS timetable from the 18th of December 2017, there are now extra weekend services from Ipoh to Sungai Buloh. so if you need to travel further south, you can use the above commuter trains to connect from these ETS trains.

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Buying Tickets / Ticket Prices for the Train from Sungai Buloh to KL Sentral

No advance purchase for Komuter tickets is available or necessary.

Just turn up at the station and buy your tickets on the day that you are travelling on, then take the next available train.

Tickets on the Komuter services are very cheap and cost just 3.30 MYR (cash price) from Sg. Buloh to Kuala Lumpur Sentral.

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