Train from Bangkok to Hat Yai

Travel by Train from Bangkok to Hat Yai is easy on an overnight sleeper train which will get you into Thailand's southern city in the early hours of the morning. 

Travelling from Bangkok to Hat Yai can also be done faster on long distance buses which will cost you roughly the same price as a sleeping berth, but the advantage of the train far outweighs the fact that the bus is faster.

Firstly, Hat Yai Railway station is right in the centre of the city, within walking distance to most of the hotels, whereas the bus station is around 5 km away from the centre and will require you to take a taxi or bus back into town.

Secondly, the train is much more comfortable allowing you a decent nights sleep in your large comfortable sleeping berth, while on the bus you just get a seat and usually freezing cold air-conditioning.

The train wins every time for me!

The distance from Bangkok to Hat Yai by train is 945 km.

Trains Times from Bangkok to Hat Yai (from Hua Lamphong Station)

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Train Depart Arrive Type
171 13.00 05.52 Rapid
31 14.45 06.35 Special Express
37 / 45 15.10 07.20 Special Express
169 15.35 09.15 Rapid
41 22.50 12.34 Special Express DRC

All the above trains have sleeper berths available apart from train number 41 which is an all second class air-conditioned seat only train made up of just 2 or 3 coaches.

For seat classes available and ticket prices on these trains see below.

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Trains from Hat Yai to Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station

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Train Depart Arrive Type
170 14.45 09.00 Rapid
172 15.39 09.15 Rapid
42 16.23 05.55 Special Express DRC
38 / 46 18.10 10.10 Special Express
32 18.45 10.30 Special Express

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All the above trains have sleeping berth available apart from number 42 which is an all 2nd class air-conditioned seat only sprinter train.

Arriving at Bangkok's Hua Lamphong station, you can get to anyway in the city quite easily with connects by bus, subway train or taxi.

Ticket Prices for Bangkok Hat Yai Trains

All prices below are in Thai Baht (THB) and are one-way fares. There is no discount for return fares.

Rapid Trains
2nd class air-conditioned sleeper berths
Upper Berth 755 THB (Adult) / 583 THB (Child)
Lower Berth 825 THB / 653 THB

2nd class fan sleeper berths
Upper Berth 555 THB (Adult) / 383 THB (Child)
Lower Berth 605 THB / 433 THB

2nd class fan seat 455 THB (Adult)  / 283 THB (Child)

3rd class seat 259 THB (Adult)  / 185 THB (Child)

Special Express Trains
1st Class a/c sleeper
Upper 1,394 THB (Adult) / 1,027 THB (Child)
Lower 1,594 THB / 1,227 THB (Child)
*for an extra 500 THB on the lower berth price, passengers can book the whole compartment for themselves.

2nd class a/c sleeper
Upper 835 THB (Adult) / 663 THB (Child)
Lower 905 THB / 773 THB

2nd class fan seat 535 THB (Adult) / 363 THB (Child)

3rd class seat 339 THB (Adult) / 265 THB (Child)

Please note train number 35/36 is the International Express to/from Butterworth and has only 1st class and 2nd class sleepers available to/from Hat Yai. Ticket prices for 1st class berths are as per above. For second class berths the prices are :
Upper 855 THB (Adult) / 683 THB (Child)
Lower 945 THB / 773 THB

Special Express Diesel Railcar (DRC)
2nd class a/c seats only 705 THB (Adult) / 533 THB (Child) - meal and soft drinks provided in the ticket price.

Child Ticket Prices
Children aged 3-11 pay half the basic fare but all supplements for beds, a/c etc.

Children under 3 year old travel for free.

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If it is your first time visiting Hat Yai click here to read our Hat Yai Railway Station page with information on arriving in the city by train.

If you want want to know more about how to travel from Bangkok to Hat Yai by bus or in the other direction from Hat Yai to Bangkok by bus :

Visit our Thailand bus booking page for times and fares here >

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