KTM Train from Melaka to Singapore

Catching the train from Melaka to Singapore is not as straight forward as catching a bus, as first, you have to travel out to the train station at Tampin (Pulau Sebang) which is the nearest station to Melaka Town.

In the future, if and when the high-speed railway line gets built, it is planned to have a train station in Melaka, so you will be able to whizz between the two cities in a very short time!

But for now, you will have to get a bus out to Tampin and then catch a train heading south down to JB Sentral Station in Johor Bahru, then take a Shuttle Train from JB to Singapore's Woodlands Railway Station.

Tampin is around 38 kilometres away from Melaka and a bus ticket should cost you around 5 Ringgit.

Tampin to Singapore Train Timetable (via JB Sentral)

****Please Note: These Intercity Trains are now cancelled (from 19/05/2016).

****To travel from Tampin to Singapore by train, you can take an ETS train from Tampin to Gemas, take a Shuttle train from Gemas to JB Sentral, then take another Shuttle to Singapore from there.

To see the ETS train timetable from Tampin to Gemas click here >

To see the Shuttle train timetable from Gemas to JB click here >

To see the Shuttle timetable from JB to Woodlands (SG) click here >

If you don't fancy all the hassle you can book bus tickets from Melaka to Singapore here >

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Train Number/Name Departure Time Arrival Time
25 Senandung Sutera **.** **.**
21 Peninsular Express **.** **.**
1 Ekspres Rakyat **.** **.**

All Trains depart Daily.

Ticket Prices for the Train from Melaka to Singapore

All fares shown below are for one-way departures and are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) from Tampin to JB Sentral.

If you wish to continue to Singapore on one of the shuttle trains it will cost you 5 MYR.

ETS fare from Gemas to Tampin:
Adult: 18 MYR - Child: 13 MYR

2nd Class Seat from JB to Gemas:
Adult: 21 MYR - Child: 15 MYR

All train coaches are Air-conditioned.

Buying Tickets

These services down to Singapore are often very busy, so it is advisable to buy your tickets well in advance and not just turn up at Tampin station on the hopes of getting a seat.

The easiest and most convenient way to purchase tickets is to book them online directly from the KTM Malaysian Railways website or through an online agent.

Click here to visit our online booking page >

You will need a credit card and prices are the same as there would be from the station, plus a small admin fee for some payment methods.

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