ETS Ipoh to KL Sentral Timetable 2024 (Jadual) KTM Train

Last updated: 3 June 2024

The quickest way to travel from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur is to take one of the ETS Ipoh to KL Sentral trains.

All of KTMB's Electric Train Services (ETS for short) heading south either originate or stop in Ipoh on their way to the capital.

Seats on a Ipoh to KL ETS Gold trainSeats on an Ipoh to KL ETS Gold train (train numbers starting with "90")

There is a dedicated Ipoh to KLS ETS route, as well as long-distance services to get you from Ipoh to KL.

Schedule for ETS Trains from Ipoh to KL Sentral

(Jadual untuk Kereta ETS dari Ipoh ke KL Sentral)

To see the timetable in the opposite direction from KL to Ipoh click here >

ETS Train timetable (jadual perjalanan) from KTM Ipoh to KL Sentral:

Full ETS timetable until 31st of July 2024 >

New full ETS timetable from 1st August 2024 >

Current KTM Ipoh to KL train timetable:

Train Number Departs Ipoh Arrives KL Sentral Book Online
ES 9051 05:10 07:51 Book Tickets
*EP 9171 06:55 09:29 Book Tickets
*EP 9173 08:00 10:34 Book Tickets
EG 9025 08:22 11:00 Book Tickets
EG 9321 09:34 12:12 Book Tickets
*EP 9273 10:30 13:04 Book Tickets
EG 9027 12:02 14:40 Book Tickets
*EP 9275 12:35 15:09 Book Tickets
*EP 9175 14:25 17:00 Book Tickets
EG 9029 15:30 18:08 Book Tickets
*EP 9277 16:40 19:14 Book Tickets
*EP 9177 17:45 20:20 Book Tickets
EG 9035 18:35 21:13 Book Tickets
EG 9425 18:55 21:33 Book Tickets
*EP 9279 19:43 22:23 Book Tickets
*EP 9179 20:25 23:00 Book Tickets

New ETS Timetable from 1st August, 2024

Train Number Departs Ipoh Arrives KL Sentral Book Online
ES 9051 05:10 07:47 Book Tickets
EP 9171 06:56 09:20 Book Tickets
EP 9173 08:11 10:35 Book Tickets
EG 9025 08:40 11:14 Book Tickets
EG 9321 09:36 12:10 Book Tickets
EP 9273 10:21 12:45 Book Tickets
EG 9027 12:05 14:39 Book Tickets
EP 9275 12:46 15:10 Book Tickets
EX 917 14:40 16:40 Book Tickets
EX 9009 15:45 17:45 Book Tickets
EX 9207 16:37 18:40 Book Tickets
EP 9177 17:46 20:10 Book Tickets
EG 9035 18:35 21:09 Book Tickets
EG 9425 19:00 21:39 Book Tickets
EP 9279 20:00 22:25 Book Tickets
EP 9179 20:26 22:50 Book Tickets

Timetable notes:

Train numbers beginning with an EP are ETS Platinum Services that operate with a Business Class carriage.

Train numbers beginning with an EG are ETS Gold Services.

Train numbers beginning with an ES are ETS Silver Services.

Train numbers beginning with an EX are the new Express Services (from August 2024).

Train number beginning with "90" are services on the dedicated Ipoh to KL Sentral route.

You will find these trains the easiest trains to get tickets for.

To see the full ETS timetable for trains on this route, click on the timetable link below:

Ipoh - KL Gold trainIpoh - KL Gold train - train numbers starting with "90"

All other trains are long-distance services from either Padang Besar or Butterworth and KTM tend to hold back sales for these trains for passengers travelling on a longer journey than the relatively short Ipoh to KL route.

If you want to see the full ETS train timetable for the long-distance services click here >

Although the train is the fastest way to get from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur, it is not the cheapest.

If you take a bus you can save yourselves a few Ringgit, but it can take considerably longer (depending on traffic).

To find bus times and fares from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur click here >

KTM Ipoh to KL ETS Train Ticket Prices / Fares

(Tambang / Harga Tiket KTM Ipoh ke KL Sentral)

The very infrequent Silver trains (ES) are the cheapest, followed by the much more frequent Gold trains (EG), then Platinum (EP).

For the latest ETS train fares from Ipoh to KL Sentral click here >

Buying Tickets for ETS Ipoh to KL Sentral Trains

(Beli Tiket ETS Ipoh ke KL Sentral)

Although there are frequent departures to KLS from Ipoh, you should always book tickets in advance to make sure you can get a seat.

You can buy your advance tickets in person from the ticketing counter at Ipoh railway station (or any other ETS station).

To save yourselves time, you can also book tickets online direct from the KTMB website or through an online agent.

For booking ETS tickets online in Malaysia click here >

For more information on the railway station in Ipoh click on the picture link below:

Ipoh train station mapIpoh train station map

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