ETS Kuala Kangsar to Padang Besar Train Schedule (Jadual KTM)

If you want to travel from Kuala Kangsar to Hat Yai, Thailand, the first part of the journey involves taking the KTM ETS Kuala Kangsar to Padang Besar train to the Malaysia-Thai border.

From there you can then connect to the SRT Shuttle services to Hatyai Junction Railway Station, or cross over the main border (next to the station) and continue your journey by minivan, bus or taxi.

Kuala Kangsar to Padang Besar ETS Train Schedule

(Jadual ETS Kuala Kangsar ke Padang Besar)


Movement Control Order (MCO / CMCO / RMCO) - (PKP / PKPB / PKPP) 2021

KTM has a new temporary ETS service for 2021.

Temporary ETS Timetables (Jadual / 时间表) from 14th of October 2021


To see the timetable in the other direction from Padang Besar to Kuala Kangsar click here >

KTM Kuala Kangsar to Padang Besar ETS train timetable:

Please note: Due to Covid 19, KTM is currently operating a reduced temporary schedule - to see the latest temporary ETS timetable click here >

Train Number Departs K. Kangsar Arrives Pdg. Besar Operating Days
EG 9222 10:09 12:45 All
*EP 9274 12:17 14:45 All
EG 9420 13:43 16:15 All
EP 9204 21:25 23:52 All

To see the ETS ticket price list to Padang Besar click here >

Trains numbers starting with an EG are ETS Gold Services.

Trains numbers starting with an EP are ETS Platinum Services.

* Operates with a Business Class carriage on the newer ETS2 trains.

For the full timetable and seating plan for these ETS services, click on the relevant train number in the timetable above:

To see the full northbound ETS train schedule to Padang Besar click here >

To travel from Kuala Kangsar to Hatyai by train for the whole journey, you will have to plan your trip so that you can connect to one of the state Railway of Thailand's Shuttle trains to Hat Yai Junction.

To see the latest timetables and fares for the Shuttle service to Hat Yai click here >

If you plan to travel from Kuala Kangsar to Bangkok by train, there is one overnight sleeper service that departs from Padang Besar everyday.

To see the latest timetable and fares for this night train to Bangkok click here >

You can also use this train to travel to popular destinations along Thailand's south-east coast such as:

Surat Thani (for the ferry to Koh Samui / Phangan), Chumphon (for the ferry to Ko Tao) or Hua Hin.

If your train arrives at Padang Besar and there is a long wait for the Shuttle to Hat Yai, you can take alternative transport if you leave the station (by pedestrian bridge on the second floor), and head over to the main land border crossing.

To take a taxi: These are available from the foot of the bridge on the Malay side of the border.

To take a minivan or bus: You will have to walk or take a motorbike taxi across the border.

You can then walk into town (or much easier, get the motorbike taxi to take you) and take a regular minivan to Hat Yai.

There is also a local bus stop just across the road from the immigration area exit point (however these buses are now very infrequent so taking the minivan would be much quicker).

For more information, see our Padang Besar Railway Station page here >

ETS Kuala Kangsar to Padang Besar Ticket Prices

(Harga Tiket ETS Kuala Kangsar ke Padang Besar)

Fares (tambang) for ETS tickets from Kuala Kangsar to Padang Besar cost:

Gold Trains:

Adult: 42 MYR - Child 25 MYR

Platinum Trains:

Adult: 55 MYR - Child 32 MYR

For all ETS fares to and from Padang Besar:

See our Padang Besar ETS fares page here >

Booking ETS Tickets to Padang Besar from Kuala Kangsar

To travel on ETS trains in Malaysia, you will need to make a seat reservation.

As these services are very popular, making an advance booking is highly recommended.

To book advance tickets / seats you can either:

Visit any ticketing counter at any KTMB ETS railway station.

Or book tickets online using an agent or book directly from the official KTM website >

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