Petronas Towers to Batu Caves
How to go by Train, Bus, Taxi

If you are out for the day and want to take in some of the most popular tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, you may find yourselves wanting to travel from the Petronas Towers to Batu Caves.

By far the easiest way to travel to Batu Caves from the Petronas Towers using public transport is to take a train from the nearby KLCC LRT station.

How to get from the Petronas Towers to Batu Caves by Train

KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) LRT train station is approximately 2 to 3 minutes walk away from the base of the towers and has Light Rail Transit train services on the Kelana Jaya LRT Line (LRT Laluan Kelana Jaya).

To get to Batu Caves KTM Komuter (commuter) station, you will first have to take the LRT train from KLCC to Pasar Seni or KL Sentral.

1) If you go from KLCC to Pasar Seni, you will have the opportunity to visit one on KL's other top tourist sights, the Old Moorish Kuala Lumpur Sentral railway station, as both stations are connected by a pedestrian bridge.

Once at Kuala Lumpur station, you then take the KTM Komuter train line to Batu Caves >

2) If you are not interested in visiting the old KL railway station, stay on the LRT train for one more stop and get off at KL Sentral station.

From KL Sentral you can then change onto the same KTM Komuter line and take the train to Batu Caves >

The entrance to the caves complex is just a short walk across the station car park.

The duration of the journey by train from KLCC to Batu Caves is:

LRT from KLCC to Pasar Seni = 8 minutes.

KTM Komuter from Kuala Lumpur station to Batu Caves = 30 minutes.

LRT from KLCC to KL Sentral = 11 minutes.

KTM Komuter from KL Sentral station to Batu Caves = 35 minutes.

LRT trains are very frequent departing KLCC every 3 to 8 minutes during the daytime.

The KTM Komuter trains are not that frequent, so you may want to check the latest Komuter train timetable to Batu Caves so you do not have to wait around too long for the next train:

How much does it cost to get from KLCC / Petronas Towers to Batu Caves by Train?

You will have to buy two separate tickets to make this journey - one token for the LRT train - one token for the Komuter train.

The LRT fare from KLCC to KL Sentral is 2.40 MYR and to Pasar Seni it is 2.10 MYR.

The KTM Komuter fare from KL Sentral to Batu Caves is 2.60 MYR and from Kuala Lumpur station it is 2.50 MYR.

Bus to Batu Caves from the Petronas Towers

Although it is possible to travel to Batu Caves by bus (RapidKL bus), there are no direct services and it can be a little confusing taking a bus compared to taking the train, especially as you have to change buses at least once and there are a number of different routes you can take to get there.

Whichever bus route you take, it will be at least an hours journey to get you to Batu Caves.

If you do want to take a bus to Batu Caves, we suggest you visit the Rapid KL (MyRapid) official websites "Journey Planner" page to find the best routes to get you to Batu Caves by clicking on the link below:

MyRapid Journey Planner page >

Taxi to Batu Caves from the Petronas Twin Towers

If you want to get to Batu Caves as quickly as possible, taking a taxi is the quickest way to travel.

The distance by road from the Petronas Twin Towers to Batu Caves is between 15 to 16 kilometres depending on the route they take and should take between 25 to 30 minutes if traffic is fairly light.

A taxi will cost you around 15 to 20 MYR for the trip (or you could get a Grab car for a little less if you have their app on your phone).

KTM Commuter train to Batu CavesKTM Commuter train to Batu Caves

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