Train 14 Chiang Mai to Bangkok Ticket Price
Overnight Sleeper Train

Train 14 from Chiang Mai to Bangkok Bang Sue Grand is an overnight Special Express sleeper train, using the older style, air-conditioned carriages.

All carriages on this train are sleeper coaches - there are no seat only coaches.

Ticket Prices for Train 14 from to Chiang Mai Bangkok Bang Sue Grand Station

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Fares for train 14 are as follows:

2nd class Air-conditioned day and night carriages:

  • Adult Fare: 768 THB Upper Berth - 838 THB Lower Berth
  • Child Fare: 629 THB Upper Berth - 699 THB Lower Berth

1st class Air-conditioned day and night carriages:

  • Adult Fare: 1,246 THB Upper Berth - 1,446 THB Lower Berth
  • Child Fare: 953 THB Upper Berth - 1,153 THB Lower Berth

If you would like to book the entire 1st class compartment for sole use, this will cost you - Adult 1,946 THB - Child 1,653 THB.

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Berths Available on Train 14

Carriages on this train use the older style sleeper coaches.

All coaches are air-conditioned and there will be a dining car where you can order food.

If you have the choice, travel on the slightly more expensive lower berths as these are much more spacious compared to the narrower upper berths.

These A/C coaches can get quite cold.

2nd class day and night seats2nd class day and night seats
1st class day and night seats1st class day and night seats

Tickets for Train 14 Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Booking ahead for this train is always a good idea as trains on the route from Chiang Mai to Bangkok can often be fully booked well in advance of the departure date (plus you will get more choice of berths - try to keep away from the berths near the end of the carriage as the automatic doors will keep waking you).

If you are already in Thailand you can go to any mainline SRT railway station and book trains for any route on their network.

If you are not in the country, the best way of securing train tickets is to:

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Tickets on this long-distance route are usually available to buy up to 90 days ahead of the departure date.

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