Train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok
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The train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok offers five daily services, with two day trains and three overnight / sleepers costing between 230 Baht for a 3rd Class seat to over 1500 for a 1st Class sleeping berth and taking between 10 hours to 14 hours to travel the 751 km distance.

Most people opt for the overnight sleeper trains as these are the most comfortable, with sleeping berths at a very reasonable price and comparable with the price you would pay for a luxury bus on the same trip.

Train from Chiang Mai to BangkokTrain from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Chiang Mai to Bangkok Train Timetable 2023

For travel in the opposite direction by train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai click on the timetable link below:

Please Note: From November 2016, train 2 has become train 10 and is the first train in Thailand to be using the brand new Chinese built carriages.

Please Note: From the 19th of January 2023 all trains will terminate at the new train station in Bangkok - Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal (Bang Sue Grand Station)

Train Dep Arr Type More Info
102 06:30 21:25 Rap Info>
8 08:50 18:55 Sp. Ex. DRC Info>
52 15:30 05:10 Ex. Info>
14 17:00 06:10 Sp. Ex. Info>
10 18:00 06:50 Sp. Ex. Info>
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Timetable Notes:
Rap = Rapid
Ex. = Express
Sp. Ex. = Special Express
Sp. Ex. DRC = Special Express Diesel Railcar - (Sprinter Train)

For information about the railway station in Chiang Mai click on the picture link below:

If the trains to Bangkok are full on the day you want to travel.

check our Thai bus booking page for alternative travel arrangements >

All these services previously terminated at Hua Lamphong railway station in the centre of Bangkok, close to China Town. They now terminate at Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal (Bang Sue Grand Station).

For information on the old Bangkok railway station click on the picture link below:

If you are not planning on staying in Bangkok, you can transfer at Bang Sue station, where you can then catch services to the south of Thailand or for services on the North-Eastern line.

For the timetable of trains from Chiang Mai to Bang Sue click here >

Bang Sue is also closer to Bangkok's Northern Bus Station Mochit.

Most trains that travel to / from Hua Lamphong will stop at Bang Sue, so getting off here could save some time and a little money. 

You will have to study the Thai railways timetables to see if there is a good connection to your final destination.

Another station in Bangkok you may want to consider getting off at is Sam Sen station.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay (budget or more upmarket) close to Bangkok Railway Station:

Visit our accommodation near Hua Lamphong Station page here >

Ticket Prices / Fares on the Train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Fares for these services vary depending on type of train and seat / sleeper class.

The cheapest train is the Rapid service number 102.

This service comprises of just second class fan and third class fan seat coaches.

Tickets cost :
2nd class - Adult 391 / Child 251
3rd class - Adult 230 / Child 171

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Train number 8 is a Diesel Railcar service (DRC) and is made up of just second class air-conditioned coaches and cost:
Adult 641 / Child 501

Included in the tickets price of the DRC sprinter train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, you also get free meals and soft drinks.

A DRC Sprinter trainA DRC Sprinter train

Special Express services numbers 14 and 10 consist of all sleeper seats / berths and cost:

2nd class A/C
Upper Bed Adult 791 - Child 651
Lower Bed Adult 881 - Child 741

1st class A/C
Upper Bed Adult 1,253 - Child 957
Lower Bed Adult 1,453 - Child 1,157

Train number 14 may also have the cheaper 2nd class fan cooled carriages which cost:
Upper Bed Adult 601 - Child 461
Lower Bed Adult 671 - Child 531

Train number 52 is an Express service and offers both sleepers and seats, with tickets costing:

2nd class Air-Con Sleepers
Upper Berth Adult 751 - Child 611
Lower Berth Adult 821 - Child 681

2nd class Fan Sleepers
Upper Berth Adult 531 - Child 391
Lower Berth Adult 581 - Child 441

2nd class Air-Con seats
Adult 541 / Child 401

2nd class fan seats
Adult 431 / Child 291

3rd class fan seats
Adult 271 / Child 211

Chiang Mai station ticket counterChiang Mai station ticket counter
Chiang Mai to Bangkok busChiang Mai to Bangkok bus

To compare these prices for the same trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok by bus:

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Times and fares are shown for information only and may change without notice.

Please check with the State Railways of Thailand before travel by either :

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