Train from Bangkok to Ban Krut Times 2024 Fares

The best way to get to this lovely small beach resort is to take the Train from Bangkok to Ban Krut as the railway station is just a 10 minute walk away from the beach. If you come to Bang Krut by bus you will have to get dropped off on the highway which is around 10 kms away. So for a more convenient arrival point, take the train.

Beach in south Ban KrutBeach in south Ban Krut

Bangkok to Ban Krut Train Times (from Bang Sue Railway Station)

Train Depart Arrive Type More Info Book Tickets
43 07:30 12:24 Sp. Ex. DRC Info> Book>
171 15:10 20:49 Rap Info> Book>
169 17:30 23:39 Rap Info> Book>
167 20:30 02:35 Rap Info> Book>
39 22:50 03:56 Sp. Ex. DRC Info> Book>

Trains from Thonburi Station Bangkok to Ban Krut

Train Depart Arrive Type More Info
255 07:20 14:32 Ordinary Info>

Train Ticket Prices Bangkok Ban Krut

The cost of a ticket on the train to Ban Krut depends on the type of train and the class of seating in that train.

Ticket prices shown below are for one-way fares in either direction.

The best train to catch from Bangkok is the morning Special Express Diesel Railcar which is an all second class air-conditioned seat only train.

Special Express DRC trains cost 475 Baht each way.

Rapid trains are slower but you have a much larger choice of seating or sleeper beds if you wish for the later departures.

Ticket prices are as follows :

2nd class a/c sleeping berth
Upper berth 545 Baht
Lower berth 615 Baht

2nd class fan sleeping berth
Upper berth 365 Baht
Lower berth 415 Baht

2nd class fan seat 265 Baht

3rd class fan seat 177 Baht

Ordinary trains are 3rd class only and are slower still. They are also prone to longer delays, but are a bargain at just 67 Baht.

Child Fares (3-11) are slightly cheaper depending on the class of travel, not the train. For 2nd class deduct 77 Baht from the fares above, 3rd class deduct 33 Baht.

Ban Krut Railway Station

Photo of the front of Ban Krut Railway StationBan Krut Railway Station

When you travel to Ban Krut by train, you will arrive in the old part of town near the market and you can choose to either walk down to the beach or get a taxi (a motorbike with covered side-car).

If you want to walk, it is not too far and should take around 10-15 minutes.

When you come out of the station and car park just in front, turn right, then take the first left. This road will take you straight down to the beach where you will find all the accommodation in Ban Krut.

Photo of Ban Krut Beach ThailandBan Krut Beach Thailand

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