Bang Sue to Hua Hin Train
Timetables and Ticket Prices

See the latest timetable for the Bang Sue to Hua Hin train.

From January 2023, most trains from Bangkok to Hua Hin will now originate at the new Bang Sue Grand Railway Station.

Bang Sue Grand station (Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal) is located to the north-east of Bangkok and is the new major junction for all services on the Northern and Eastern Railway Lines, as well as for most trains heading south (Thon Buri station also has a few slow trains heading south).

Bang Sue to Hua Hin Train Schedule

To see the train times from Hua Hin to Bang Sue Grand click here >

Train Dep Arr Type More Info
43 08:10 12:05 Sp. Ex. DRC Info >
171 13:10 17:29 Rap Info >
31 14:50 18:57 Sp. Ex. Info >
37 / 45 15:35 19:56 Sp. Ex Info >
169 16:10 20:23 Rap Info >
83 17:30 21:42 Ex. Info >
173* --:-- --:-- Rap Info >
167 18:50 23:29 Rap Info >
85 20:10 00:42 Ex. Info >
39 / 41 22:20 02:13 Sp. Ex. DRC Info >
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* Train 173 is currently not operating.

Timetable Notes:
Ord = Ordinary Train
Rap = Rapid
Ex. = Express
Sp. Ex. = Special Express
Sp. Ex. DRC = Special Express Diesel Railcar - (Sprinter Train)

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 Ticket Prices for the Train from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Fares vary quite considerably for trains to Hua Hin from Bang Sue Junction station:

If you want to travel as cheaply as possible, the Ordinary and Rapid trains are the best.

Express, and Special Express services are quite expensive for this relatively short trip as you have to pay fixed fees for using these trains to travel any distance.

To see a full list of fares for each type of train service to Hua Hin click here >

Booking Train Tickets from Bang Sue Grand to Hua Hin

All travel on 2nd class a/c carriages and 1st class carriages should be booked in advance to make sure you can get a seat on any particular train.

You can book train tickets in advance form any SRT railway station of you can book online >

If you plan to travel on the Ordinary of Rapid trains (fan cooled coaches), you can just turn up at the station and buy your ticket on the day of travel.

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