ETS Batu Gajah to KL Sentral Kuala Lumpur
KTM Train Schedule (Jadual)

Travel on the fast ETS Batu Gajah to KL Sentral high-speed Electric Trains that operate between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh in the state of Perak.

These high-speed trains leave Batu Gajah Train Station on a regular basis, every day of the week.

ETS Timetable Batu Gajah to Kuala Lumpur - KL Sentral

(Jadual Waktu ETS Batu Gajah ke Kuala Lumpur - KL Sentral)

If you wish to travel in the opposite direction on the ETS from KL Sentral to Batu Gajah click here for the timetable >

KTM Batu Gajah to KL Sentral ETS train schedule:

Full ETS timetable until 31st of July 2024 >

New full ETS timetable from 1st August 2024 >

Latest ETS Train Timetable:

Train Number Departs Batu Gajah Arrives KL Sentral Book Online
ES 9051 05:23 07:51 Book Tickets
*EP 9171 07:10 09:29 Book Tickets
*EP 9173 08:15 10:34 Book Tickets
EG 9025 08:34 11:00 Book Tickets
EG 9321 09:49 12:12 Book Tickets
*EP 9273 10:45 13:04 Book Tickets
EG 9027 12:14 14:40 Book Tickets
*EP 9275 12:50 15:09 Book Tickets
*EP 9175 14:40 17:00 Book Tickets
EG 9029 15:42 18:08 Book Tickets
*EP 9277 16:55 19:14 Book Tickets
*EP 9177 18:00 20:20 Book Tickets
EG 9035 18:47 21:13 Book Tickets
EG 9425 19:10 21:33 Book Tickets
*EP 9279 19:58 22:23 Book Tickets
*EP 9179 20:40 23:00 Book Tickets

For the latest ETS ticket prices to KL Sentral click here >

* operate with a new Business Class coach.

ES numbered trains are ETS Silver Services.

EG numbered trains are ETS Gold Services.

EP numbered trains are ETS Platinum Services.

Train numbers starting with "90" are services that operate on the Ipoh to KL Sentral route and are the easiest trains to get seats on.

To view the full ETS timetable with all the stops on the Ipoh to KL Sentral route click on the timetable link below:

Train numbers starting with "91 / 92 / 93 /94" are long distance ETS services and are more likely to be full.

To view the full timetable for the long-distance southbound ETS services click on the timetable link below:

Batu Gajah to KL Sentral KTM Train Ticket Prices

(Harga Tiket Kereta Api KTM Batu Gajah ke KL Sentral)

Fares for the journey between Batu Gajah and KL Sentral cost approximately:

ETS Gold Service Adult : 34 MYR - Child 21 MYR

ETS Silver Service Adult : 24 MYR - Child 16 MYR

ETS Platinum Service Adult : 44 MYR - Child 26 MYR

Please note: The fares shown above will vary depending on the KTM Flexi Fare rules.

For all other ETS fares to KL Sentral, please see:

Our KL Sentral ETS fares page here >

Buy Train Tickets on the ETS Batu Gajah to KL Sentral

(Beli Tiket Keretapi di ETS Batu Gajah ke KL Sentral)

Tickets can be purchased at any ETS railway station ticket counter or if you want to make an advance booking (which is always advisable), you can:

Book online from our KTM train ticket booking page here >

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