Train from Bangkok to Bang Saphan Yai 2024 Timetables Fares

The best way to get to Bang Saphan from Bangkok is on the train from Bang Sue Grand to Bang Saphan with a choice of many departure throughout the day.

If you have never been there before you may get confused by looking at the train timetable as there are two towns called Bang Saphan. One is called Yai (meaning big) and the other is called Noi (meaning small).

For tourists heading to the beaches around here, you want to go to "Yai" as this is the station closest to the beaches. This is also the station where the train stops the most.

The distance between Bangkok and Bang Saphan Yai by rail is 393 Kilometres.

Trains from Bang Sue Grand Station Bangkok to Bang Saphan

Train Depart Arrive Type More Info Book Tickets
43 07:30 12:37 Special Express DRC Info > Book>
171 15:10 21:04 Rapid Info > Book>
37 16:10 22:03 Special Express Info > Book>
169 17:30 23:54 Rapid Info > Book>
83 18:50 00:53 Express Info > Book>
173 18:10 01:28 Rapid Info > Book>
85 19:50 02:11 Express Info > Book>
167 20:30 02:50 Rapid Info > Book>
39 22:50 04:09 Special Express DRC Info > Book>

Trains from Thon Buri to Bang Saphan

Train Depart Arrive Type More Info
255 07:20 16:52 Ordinary Info >

Ticket Prices from Bangkok to Bang Saphan by Train

The fastest trains are the Special Express Diesel Railcars (DRC) which are made up of just two or three 2nd class seating carriages. These services are all air-conditioned and you will be served a small meal and soft drink, which is included in the ticket price.
Tickets for these trains to Bang Saphan from Bangkok cost 480 Baht for adults, 400 Baht for children (aged 3- 11).

Special Express Trains have a much larger choice of seating as well as sleeping berths, although you do not really need them if travelling from Bangkok as the beds will not be made up until about 7-8pm and these trains arrive just a couple of hours later. However, if you are travelling in the other direction the trains travel overnight, so buying a sleeping berth is the best way to travel.
Tickets for these trains cost the following :
1st class sleeper (A/C) :
Upper 967 THB
Lower 1,167 THB
2nd class sleeper (A/C) :
Upper 630 THB
Lower 700 THB
2nd class fan seat : 350 THB
3rd class fan seat : 259 THB

*Train number 35/36 only has 1st and 2nd class sleepers available and the 2nd class sleeping beds on this train are slightly more expensive. Add 20 Baht for an upper berth, 40 for lower.

Express Trains are slightly slower and slightly cheaper.
Tickets are 40 Baht less than the "Special Express" at :
1st class sleeper (A/C) :
Upper 927 THB
Lower 1,127 THB
2nd class sleeper (A/C) :
Upper 590 THB
Lower 660 THB
2nd class fan seat : 310 THB
3rd class fan seat : 219 THB

Rapid Trains are the best value as they also have 2nd class fan sleepers.
Tickets cost :
2nd class sleeper (A/C) :
Upper 550 THB
Lower 620 THB
2nd class sleeper (Fan) :
Upper 370 THB
Lower 420 THB
2nd class fan seat : 270 THB
3rd class fan seat : 179 THB

The Ordinary Train from Thon Buri to Bang Saphan is the cheapest way to get to Bang Saphan from Bangkok with tickets costing just 155 THB for 2nd class fan seats and 67 for 3rd class fan seats.

Discounts for Children aged 3-11.
Child fares depend on the class of travel. To work out a fare for children please deduct the following from the adult fares shown above.
1st class  - 163 THB
2nd class  - 80 THB
3rd class  - 34 THB

Bang Saphan Railway Station

Photo of the front of Bang Saphan Railway station

Arriving at the train station in Bang Saphan you are just off the main road that runs through the centre of the town. The beaches start around 5 kilometres from here so you will have to take a taxi or motorbike taxi to get to them.

There are a few places to stay in town if you arrive late and a hotel just down the road from the station (turn right). If you want to find some of the best places to stay on the beaches around here, click here to find hotels in the Bang Saphan and nearby Ban Krut >

The best beach is to the South of town and runs for miles with the odd resort and bungalows dotted along its path.

Photo of the long sandy beach in Bang Saphan to the south of town

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