Train from Bangkok to Chumphon

A popular way to travel to Koh Tao from Bangkok is to catch the train from Bangkok to Chumphon, then connect to the ferry that leaves from outside the city to the island. 

The journey takes between 6 and a half and 10 hours to cover the 485 km distance between Bangkok and Chumphon, with the option to travel through the day or on one of the overnight sleeper trains.

Bangkok to Chumphon Train Schedule (from Hualamphong Railway Station)

Train Depart Arrive Type
43 08.05 14.36 Special Express DRC
171 13.00 21.12 Rapid
31 14.45 22.34 Special Express
37 15.10 23.15 Special Express
169 15.35 00.42 Rapid
83 17.05 01.16 Express
173 17.35 02.48 Rapid
167 18.30 03.18 Rapid
85 19.30 04.13 Express
39/41 22.50 05.49 Special Express DRC

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Trains from Bangkok Thonburi Station to Chumphon

Train Depart Arrive Type
255 07.30 17.04 Ordinary
177 19.30 03.47 Rapid

Full Timetables :



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For seat classes and ticket prices for these trains please see below.

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Fares for the Train from Bangkok to Chumphon & Vice Versa

All fares quoted below are in Thai Baht (THB) for adult one-way tickets from Hualamphong station. Rapid trains from Thonburi station are just a few Baht cheaper. No discount is given for return tickets.

Special Express Diesel Railcars (DRC)
These are 2nd class air-conditioned seats only sprinter trains. Tickets cost 510 THB and include a small pre-packed meal and soft drinks.

Special Express Trains
1st class air-conditioned seats / sleeping berths
Upper 1.034 THB
Lower 1.234 THB

2nd class a/c seats / sleeping berths
Upper 660 THB
Lower 730 THB

2nd class fan seat
380 THB

3rd class fan seat
272 THB

*Train 35/36 is the International Express to Malaysia and has only 1st and 2nd class sleepers available.
1st class tickets cost the same as per above.
2nd class tickets cost :
Upper 680 THB
Lower 770 THB

Express Trains
1st class a/c seats / sleeping berths
Upper 994 THB
Lower 1.194 THB

2nd class a/c seats / sleeping berths
Upper 590 or 620 THB depending on type of carriage used.
Lower 640 or 690 THB depending on type of carriage used.

2nd class fan seat
340 THB

3rd class fan seat
232 THB

Rapid Trains
2nd class a/c seats / sleeping berths
Upper 580 THB
Lower 650 THB

2nd class fan seats / sleeping berths
Upper 400 THB
Lower 450 THB

2nd class fan seat
300 THB

3rd class fan seat
192 THB

Ordinary Train

The one Ordinary train that leaves from Thonburi is the cheapest way to travel from Bangkok to Chumphon, just don't expect it to arrive on time! Tickets cost :

2nd class fan seat
185 THB

3rd class fan seat
80 THB

Child Fares
For children aged 3 to 11 please deduct the following from the above fares, depending on your class of seat.
1st class - 197 THB
2nd class - 95 THB
3rd class - 41 THB

Children under 3 years old travel for free.

Combination train and ferry tickets to Koh Tao / Phangan can be purchased at travel agents in Bangkok but are no longer available from Thai Railways ticket offices at Hualamphong railway station.

You can also book train and ferry tickets from our online booking page here>>>

If you don't have a combo ticket you will find ferry tickets available to you as soon as you get off the train in Chumphon with many Thai ladies greeting every arrival to sell you ferry tickets and accommodation.

See our Chumphon railway station page for more info here>>>

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All times and fares shown are for information only. Please check with the nearest station or by calling their 24 hour call centre on 1690.

You can also check their official website :

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