ETS Sungai Petani to Ipoh KTM Train Schedule (Jadual KTM) - Fares

The best way to travel from SP to Ipoh is on the ETS Sungai Petani to Ipoh Train operated by KTMB.

These fast Electric Train Services can take you from the centre of both towns quickly, and at a reasonable cheap price.

To view the timetable in the other direction from Ipoh to SP click here >

You could take a slower, cheaper bus from Sungai Petani to Ipoh, but you have to take into account the fact that you will be arriving at Amanjaya Bus Terminal, located 10 km to the north of the old part of town.

To get from Amanjaya Bus Station, you will have to then take a slow, but cheap local bus, or a much more expensive taxi in to town, making the journey by train much quicker and more convenient.

Seats on an ETS train from SP to IpohSeats on an ETS train from SP to Ipoh

ETS Train Schedule from Sungai Petani to Ipoh

(Jadual ETS Sungai Petani ke Ipoh)

KTM SP to Ipoh ETS timetable.

Full ETS timetable until 31st of July 2024 >

New full ETS timetable from 1st August 2024 >

Latest ETS Train Timetable:

Train Number Departs Sg Petani Arrives Ipoh Book Online
*EP 9273 08:37 10:30 Book Tickets
*EP 9275 10:42 12:35 Book Tickets
*EP 9277 14:47 16:40 Book Tickets
EG 9425 16:59 18:55 Book Tickets
*EP 9279 17:52 19:43 Book Tickets

For ETS train fares from Sungai Petani click here >

Timetable notes:

* Operated with the newer ETS2 trains that include a new Business Class carriage.

EP numbered trains are ETS Platinum services and have slightly fewer stops along the route.

EG numbered trains are ETS Gold services that stop at more stations, but cost less.

To see the latest full southbound ETS timetable from SP, click on the following link:

For information on Sungai Petani Railway Station in Kedah click on the picture link below:

For information on Ipoh Railway station in Perak click on the picture link below:

ETS Sungai Petani to Ipoh Train Ticket Prices / Fares

(Tambang / Harga Tiket ETS Sungai Petani ke Ipoh)

There are two different fares for these trains, depending on which service you choose, Platinum or Gold.

Seats on Platinum (EP) trains cost:

Adult Fare:  44 MYR - Child Fare: 26 MYR

Seats on the Gold (EG) trains cost:

Adult Fare:  34 MYR - Child Fare: 21 MYR

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Booking Tickets on the ETS Trains

If you want to travel on any ETS train within Malaysia, you will have to make a seat reservation.

As trains are a popular way to travel, making an advance booking is highly recommended to guarantee your seat on any particular train.

To book tickets, you can either:

Visit ant KTM ETS railway station ticketing counter.

Or book ticket online direct from KTM or by using an agent >

Sungai Petani KTM station ticket counterSungai Petani KTM station ticket counter

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