ETS 9274 / EP 9274 Platinum Train
Timetable, Fares, Seating Plan

The ETS 9274 train is a Malaysian Railways Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTM / KTMB) fast Platinum ETS2 service that originates from KL Sentral Railway Station in Kuala Lumpur and terminates at the Malaysian-Thailand border station of Padang Besar.

KTM ETS2 TrainKTM ETS2 Train

EP 9274 Schedule

Timetable from the 15th of January 2022:

Station Departure Time
KL Sentral 09:50
Kuala Lumpur (Old) 09:56
Sungai Buloh 10:24
Tanjung Malim 11:14
Kampar 11:58
Batu Gajah 12:11
Ipoh 12:26
Kuala Kangsar 12:54
Taiping 13:10
Parit Buntar 13:39
Tasek Gelugor 14:04
Sungai Petani 14:16
Alor Setar 14:45
Arau 15:06
Padang Besar 15:23

This ETS train operates every day.

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Fares / Ticket Prices

See the following pages on our site to find ticket prices to/from popular destination on the rail route:

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Buy Tickets for the EP 9274 Train

(Beli Tiket untuk Kereta Api EP 9274)

As seat numbers are limited and some trains can be full during busy times of the year, it is always the best advice to book your tickets as far in advance as you can (with KTM's Flexi Fares, it is also cheaper).

To book your advance ETS tickets you can:

Visit any KTMB ETS railway station and buy your tickets from the ticket counter.

Or a more convenient option is to book tickets online >

Seating Plan for ETS 9274

This Platinum train has 6 coaches / carriages with a drivers cab at either end.

Which way your seat faces depends on which cab is driving the train.

Usually, northbound ETS trains have coach F as the driving cab.

Southbound trains will have coach A as the lead car.

The only way to know for sure which way round the train is travelling is to contact KTM directly.

Coach F:

ETS 9274 - Coach F Seat Plan

Coach E:

ETS 9274 - Coach E Seat Plan

Coach D:

ETS 9274 - Coach D Seat Plan

Coach C:

ETS 9274 - Coach C Seat Plan

Coach B:

ETS 9274 - Coach B Seat Plan

Coach A:

Coach A is where you will find the Business Class seats.

ETS 9274 Coach A seat plan

When you book your ETS train tickets online via the KTMB website, when it comes to choosing your seats you will see seat numbers in Grey or Blue.

If the seat is in Blue it means they are still available.

If the seat number is Grey, those seats have already been reserved / booked.

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