ETS 9204 Schedule / Seating Plan
Platinum Train on the KL Sentral to Padang Besar Route

The ETS 9204 Platinum train service originates from Kuala Lumpur's KL Sentral Railway Station and terminates at Padang Besar Railway Station located on the border with Thailand in the north-west of Malaysia.

This fast ETS Platinum service is quicker than the Gold services on this route as they only stop at the main railway stations along the way.


New ETS Timetable valid from the 26th of June 2020.

To see the full new ETS schedule for all northbound trains click here >

Movement Control Order (MCO / CMCO / RMCO) - (PKP / PKPB / PKPP) 2020

KTM are operating a reduced ETS train schedule during this period.

New RMCO ETS Timetables (Jadual / 时间表) from the 2020-06-26 (26th June 2020)

EP 9204 Timetable

The timetable below shows the ETS schedule in operation before the MCO period.

To see the latest new ETS schedules published by KTMB during the RMCO click here >

ETS timetable valid for 2019 and into 2020:

Station Departure Time
KL Sentral 18:34
Kuala Lumpur (Old) 18:40
Kepong Sentral -
Sungai Buloh -
Rawang -
Batang Kali -
Kuala Kubu Bharu -
Tanjung Malim -
Behrang -
Slim River -
Sungkai -
Tapah Road -
Kampar 20:46
Batu Gajah 20:59
Ipoh 21:14
Tasek -
Sungai Siput -
Kuala Kangsar 21:42
Padang Rengas -
Taiping 21:58
Kamunting -
Bagan Serai -
Parit Buntar -
Nibong Tebal -
Simpang Ampat -
Bukit Mertajam -
Butterworth -
Bukit Mertajam -
Tasek Gelugor -
Sungai Petani 23:03
Gurun -
Kobah -
Alor Setar 23:32
Anak Bukit -
Kodiang -
Arau 23:53
Bukit Ketri -
Padang Besar 00:10

This ETS train operates daily.

Schedules for the other ETS train services on this route to Padang Besar:

It is not advisable to take this train to cross into Thailand as the border is closed during the night and does not open until around 6 am.

If you want to get to Thailand by train, take one of the other ETS services.

Fares / Ticket Prices

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Booking Tickets for the EP 9204 Train

To travel on this ETS service, you will need to make a seat reservation.

Turning up at the station to buy your ticket on the day of travel is not advisable as trains can often be fully booked, especially during public and school holidays, religious festivals and weekends.

To book advance tickets on any ETS train is relatively easy.

You can:

Visit any mainline ETS railway station and get your tickets from the ticket counter.

Or you can book online >

Seat Plan for ETS 9204

This Platinum ETS Class 93 Electric Train Service operates with 6 coaches / carriages.

Each coach has luggage racks and you will find toilets, an F & B counter and a Musolla (prayer room) onboard.

There is a driver's cab at either end of the train.

Trains travelling to the north usually have coach F as the front carriage and has seats arrange both forward and backwards.

If you want to get a seat in a particular direction of travel, you will have to study the seating plan below.

However, KTM may change things around, so to be 100% certain which way round the train will operate, you will have to contact KTM directly.

Coach F:

Usually, this will be the first carriage on this service and has seating arranged as follows:

Seats in rows 1 to 8 face forward towards the front of the train / driver's cab.

Rows 9 to 14 face backwards.

Row 15 faces forwards and has a table in between it and row 14 (good seats to get if travelling as a family or group of 4).

ETS 9204 - Coach F Seat Plan

Coach E:

This carriage has a toilet located in front of row 1.

Rows 1 to 8 and 14 face forward towards the front, 9 to 13 face backwards (with a table between rows 13 and 14).

ETS 9204 - Coach E Seat Plan

Coach D:

This carriage has the disabled/elderly seating area as well as a disabled toilet located behind row 10.

Rows 2 to 6 facing forward, rows 7 to 10 and row 1 backwards (a table is located between rows 1 and 2).

ETS 9204 - Coach D Seat Plan

Coach C:

This carriage contains the "buffet car"  / food and beverage counter and a prayer room, both located at the front past row 11.

The seating is now reversed with Rows 1 to 7 and 11 facing backwards, rows 7 to 10 facing forwards (with a table between rows 10 and 11).

ETS 9204 - Coach C Seat Plan

Coach B:

This carriage has a toilet located behind row 1.

Rows 9 to 13 face forwards, while rows 1 to 8 and 14 face backwards (with a table between rows 13 and 14).

ETS 9204 - Coach B Seat Plan

Coach A:

Rows 9 to 14 face forwards.

Rows 1 to 8 and row 15 face backwards (with a table between rows 14 and 15).

ETS 9204 - Coach A Seat Plan

When booking tickets on the KTM website, if you see seat numbers in Grey, that means they are already reserved.

Seat numbers in Blue are the seats that are still available.

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