ETS Taiping to Alor Setar KTM Train Timetable (Jadual) Fare

Taking the ETS Taiping to Alor Setar train is easily the quickest way to travel to the capital city of Kedah, Malaysia.

However, if you not in a rush there is also a much cheaper way to travel by train using a KTM Komuter service.

The duration of the journey by ETS train from Taiping to Alor Setar for the fastest Platinum trains is around an hour and a half.

ETS Train Schedule to Alor Setar from Taiping

(Jadual Keretapi ETS ke Alor Setar dari Taiping)

For departure times for the ETS train in the other direction from Alor Setar to Taiping click here  >

KTM Taiping to KTM Alor Setar ETS timetable:

Full ETS timetable until 31st July 2024 >

New full ETS timetable from 1st August 2024 >

Latest ETS Train Timetable:

Train Number Departs Taiping Arrives Alor Setar Book Online
*EP 9272 10:27 12:02 Book Tickets
*EP 9274 13:09 14:44 Book Tickets
EG 9420 14:10 15:51 Book Tickets
*EP 9276 21:50 23:25 Book Tickets
*EP 9278 02:04 03:39 Book Tickets

* These services are the newer ETS2 trains that offer a Business Class carriage/car.

EG numbered ETS trains are ETS Gold services.

EP numbered ETS trains are ETS Platinum services.

If you want to see the full ETS schedule for all northbound trains from Taiping, see the following page on our site:

If you want to check departure times for these ETS trains at the official KTMB website click here >

KTM Komuter Train from Taiping to Alor Setar

(Keretapi Komuter KTM dari Taiping ke Alor Setar)

Costing only around a third of the price of the ETS trains, taking the KTM Komuter train is easily the cheapest way to get from Taiping to Alor Setar.

To get to Alor Setar, what you have to do is:

Take a KTM Komuter train from Taiping to Bukit Mertajam >

Change trains at Bukit Mertajam for another KTM Komuter service to Alor Setar >

If you take the trains with the best connections, you could do the trip in around two hours.

To see all KTM Komuter train timetables in Malaysia click here >

Alor Seter Train Station

(Stesen Keretapi Alor Setar)

Arriving at Alor Setar Railway Station, you can easily walk into the city centre in around 10 minutes or you can jump into a waiting taxi.

If you are planning to travel from Taiping to Langkawi, you can take a taxi to the Kuala Kedah Jetty or you can walk into the city centre and take a cheap local bus.

For more information about the bus or taxi from the Alor Setar Railway Station to the Jetty at Kuala Kedah:

See our Alor Setar to Kuala Kedah page here >

For information on the ferry from Kuala Kedah to Kuah in Langkawi Island:

See our Kuala Kedah to Langkawi ferry timetable and fares page here >

ETS / KTM Komuter Train Ticket Price to Alor Setar from Taiping

(Harga Tiket Keretapi ETS / KTM Komuter ke Alor Setar dari Taiping)

To see the latest ETS fares to Alor Setar from Taiping click here >

To see the latest KTM Komuter fares click here >

Buy Tickets for the ETS Taiping to Alor Setar Train

(Beli Tiket untuk Kereta ETS Taiping ke Alor Setar)

To travel by ETS train in Malaysia you should always book your tickets in advance as far in advance as you can.

This is because you need a reserved seat to travel on ETS trains and no standing passengers are allowed so there is a limited amount of seats for each train which can fill up quickly during busy times of the year.

To book advance ETS train tickets you can:

Visit any KTMB ETS train station and buy your tickets from the ticketing office.

Or you can book your ETS tickets online >

If you decide you want to go by the cheap KTM Komuter trains, there is no need to book in advance as tickets are only sold on the day of travel and if the seats are all taken, there is plenty of space available for standing passengers (they are like subway or tube trains in the west).

Taiping to Alor Setar Bus

(Bas Taiping ke Alor Setar)

Although it is possible to travel by bus from Taiping to Alor Setar, we would not recommend you use the bus as you will have to:

1) First, take a local bus or taxi to the nearest long-distance bus terminals located at either Kamunting or Simpang (KTM Taiping Railway Station is located just a short walk from the town centre).

2) You will arrive at Alor Setar Shahab Perdana Bus Terminal located a few km from the city centre requiring a bus or taxi to get you into the city centre (KTM Alor Setar Railway Station is just a 10 minute walk to the city centre).

3) The bus journey will take around two and a half to three hours (much slower than both the ETS and KTM Komuter train).

4) Although buses are cheaper than travelling on ETS trains, they are more expensive than taking the really cheap KTM Komuter trains.

However, if you do want to check for bus and coach departures from Taiping to Alor Setar click here >

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Alor Setar KTM trains main page >

ETS KTM train schedules main page >

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