Hat Yai Chumphon Train Times 2023 and Ticket Prices

Travel to the island of Koh Tao from Hat Yai by the Hat Yai Chumphon train and ferry.

The train station is located in the centre of Chumphon town and buses and vans can take you from the station to the pier for boats to Koh Tao. The transfer to the pier is included in the price of the boat ticket so there is no need to get to the ferry terminal on your own.

The distance between Chumphon and Hat Yai by train is 460 km.

Timetable of Trains from Hat Yai to Chumphon

Train Depart Arrive Type More Info
446 06:35 17:05 Ordinary Info>
170 14:31 22:09 Rapid Info>
172 15:50 00:04 Rapid Info>
42* --:-- --:-- Special Express DRC Info>
32 17:45 00:50 Special Express Info>
38 18:15 01:32 Special Express Info>

* Train 42 is currently not operating.

To view the full schedule click on the train number below :







Timetable of Trains from Chumphon to Hat Yai

Train Depart Arrive Type
37 00:21 08:41 Special Express
169 01:47 09:52 Rapid
41* --:-- --:-- Special Express DRC
445 06:15 17:00 Ordinary
171 22:10 06:34 Rapid
31 23:19 07:25 Special Express

* Train 41 is currently not operating.

Click on a train number below to see the full timetable.







Ticket Prices

The ordinary train is easily the cheapest way to travel between Hat Yai and Chumphon and if you don't mind a hard seat in third class and a slow, often delayed journey then this is you best choice to save money.

Tickets for the ordinary train in both directions cost just 79 Baht - only 3rd class fan cooled seats are available.

Rapid trains are faster and have a lot more seat choice :

3rd class seats (fan) cost 189 Baht
2nd class seats (fan) cost 292 Baht
Sleeper beds are also available in both air-conditioned and fan carriages.
A/C Sleeper :
Upper bed 572 Baht
Lower bed 642 Baht
Fan Sleeper :
Upper 392 Baht
Lower 442 Baht

Special Express trains tickets cost :

3rd class seat (fan) 269 Baht
2nd class seat (fan) 372 Baht
2nd class A/C sleeper :
Upper 652 Baht
Lower 722 Baht
1st class A/C sleeper :
Upper 1,015 Baht
Lower 1,215 Baht

*Trains 35/36 are the International Express to/from Butterworth in Malaysia and have only 1st and 2nd class sleeper beds available.
1st class sleepers are the same price as per above, 2nd class sleepers are slightly more expensive at :
Upper 672 Baht
Lower 762 Baht

Special Express Diesel Railcar (DRC) is an all second class seater train and costs 502 Baht with a small meal and drink included.

Children aged 3 to 11 travel at a discount to the above adult fares. Please apply the following prices reduction to any of the above fares depending on your class of travel.

1st class - 187 Baht
2nd class - 141 Baht
3rd class - 39 Baht

Children aged under 3 travel for free.

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